Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ratings 6/17: 'Skin Wars' and 'Idiotest' see highs

Source: TVMediaInsights (Douglas Pucci)

As mentioned earlier, Skin Wars saw a series high in total viewers and Idiotest saw its own highs too. Here are last night's numbers:

9:00pm Skin Wars (new): 776K total viewers; 287K 18-49 viewers (+44% in total viewers versus last week; +73% in 18-49 viewers versus last week)
10:00pm Idiotest (new): 510K total viewers; 180K 18-49 viewers (-34% in total viewers from lead-in; -38% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in); (+29% in total viewers versus last week; +88% in 18-49 viewers versus last week)
10:30pm Idiotest (new): 435K total viewers; 130K 18-49 viewers (-15% in total viewers from lead-in; -28% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in); (+11% in total viewers versus last week; -3% in 18-49 viewers versus last week)

The two hour block of new episodes of Skin Wars and Idiotest averaged 624,000 total viewers and 221,000 18-49 viewers. Overall, a very healthy two hours for the GSN lineup. The Idiotest drop from Skin Wars is a bit much but expected. However, it was one of the highest rated showings of Idiotest overall in 7 weeks.

This was a season high for Skin Wars in 18-49 viewers (but not a series high in 18-49 viewers). The highest rated Skin Wars episode in the 18-49 demo was 298,000 18-49 viewers on August 20, 2014 (Season 1 Episode 3). This was a series high for Skin Wars in total viewers and the highest rated original on GSN since episodes of The Chase in January/February 2014.

The 10pm episode of Idiotest was a series high in 18-49 viewers.


  1. Idiotest has become a favorite of mine along with The Chase. I won't be surprised if by mid or the end of the summer, both Idiotest and SW get renewed for a third season. Idiotest has become GSN's most successful half hour original since Sherriwed. Sorry Lie Detectors, you don't count. I think Idiotest needs a break. Although both shows won't be new on July 1st for some weird reason, probably something to do with the 4th of July, I think after Idiotest is halfway through the season, they will put it on hiatus and return with new episodes in the fall and possibly winter.

  2. After these ratings, Idiotest does not need a hiatus longer than the apparent one-week hiatus coming up July 1st. Idiotest will continue in new runs at least untIl this season of Skin Wars ends (Skin Wars has eight episodes remaining).

  3. I heard Fox was talking about licensing Idiotest for a short summer run if anything else does a quick fail in their summer lineup. Anyone have more info??

    1. It's being rumored. It would be nice though to see a GSN original get some network exposure. To do that, it would cost the network some big bucks to share a show with another network. And Idiotest would be a great addition because 5th Grader's ratings are tanking. The first episode only attracted 3.3 million, that is bad even for a summer show. The second episode dropped to 2.9 mil. FOX needs to do something fast if they want this show to survive. Let's say if FOX does pick up Idiotest, what episodes would they show? The ones from the current season, or the first season? If one of their new upcoming shows bomb quickly, FOX has an opportunity to consider the show.

      It would be nice to see FOX at least air some more game shows. I think we all are sick of the constant reality shows and sitcoms and dramas. It was after Don't Forget The Lyrics and the original Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader that the network never had a hit when it came to games. They tried a couple million dollar game shows, but they bombed out. With the ratings Idiotest gets for GSN, it would do well for them should they license it. Either that or The CW would be a good place for Idiotest. Come to think of it, it would work on The CW because ever since the revamped Whose Line Is It Anyway? became a smash hit for them, they have been trying some variety. Besides, the network gets numbers that are like GSN's in a way.

    2. We really need to put the FOX and Idiotest rumors aside until an actual story comes up about it. I have not heard anything legit about FOX having interest in Idiotest.

    3. Sorry, I guess we got all caught up on that.

    4. To Adam:

      Fox is #2 in the ratings I believe because of all those Sitcoms and Dramas and Competitions shows. (Have you even seen Empire?! Incredible show!)

      That being said, of course we would love to see more game shows on that network. Fox has BOOM coming up, which is co-produced by the awesome Bob Boden (The Chase)! So, we will see about that.

    5. I tried to apologize twice for bringing it up and both times the a-hole site master has deleted it. Freedom of speech has left the building on this site.