Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ratings 6/14: 'Family Feud' and 'Skin Wars'

Douglas Pucci (@Sonofthebronx Twitter) has tweeted GSN evening and primetime ratings from this past Sunday (all times ET; in total viewers):

6:00pm Family Feud: 235K
6:30pm Family Feud: 382K (+63% from lead in)
7:00pm Family Feud: 550K (+44%)
7:30pm Family Feud: 565K (+3%)
8:00pm Skin Wars (rerun): 392K (-31%)
9:00pm Family Feud: 463K (+18%)
9:30pm Family Feud: 660K (+43%)
10:00pm Family Feud: 535K (-19%)
10:30pm Family Feud: 524K (-2%)
5-hour average (6-11pm): 470K
Primetime average (8-11pm): 494K

In recap, all good news. Turns out, the reason why GSN stuck Skin Wars at 8pm on Sundays was to not compete directly with Celebrity Family Feud (which will air Sundays at 8pm starting June 21st on ABC). I always wondered why GSN stuck a Skin Wars rerun at a time where Family Feud does very well (and garners some of the highest numbers of the week for GSN). I am not exactly sure if GSN decided to do this on their own or were forced not to air Family Feud by an outside source directly against the ABC version.


  1. There was a funny test on last night's Idiotest. The test involved game show hosts, and 3 out of the 4 hosts worked for GSN. 2 of them were former, including Jerry Springer and Jeff Foxworthy. And one of them was Rebecca Romjin, host of Skin Wars. I thought that was quirky, but it was interesting to point out. Speaking of Celebrity Family Feud, a former GSN host is competing on the show. Bill Engvall, who was the host of the 2011 run of Lingo, will be on there. I saw that on the list of celebrities that are playing. Do you think CFF would have worked on GSN with the ratings the Harvey version gets for them?

    1. "Do you think CFF would have worked on GSN with the ratings the Harvey version gets for them?"

      In short, yes. 1+ million viewers per episode.

    2. With all due respect I must point out the retention value of SW vs. FF blew chunks. This has to be disheartening to the suits at GSN. Personally the sooner it hits the $#!+ can in the dump bin the happier I shall be. I feel it wastes a precious hour on the GSN schedule.

    3. IMHO, Despite the ratings it's getting, I really think FF has become a former shell of its self thanks to Fremantle Making Harvey becoming the "Kim Kardashian" of the franchise and for turning Goodson-Todman formats as complete jokes.

      And I really don't see CFF becoming "Clean and sober" at all.

  2. With Skin Wars dropping 31% from Family Feud, that is a big drop but we have seen worse from Family Feud at 7:30pm weeknights to 8pm in primetime.

    For the 392K total viewers by itself for a Skin Wars rerun (when the new episode got 546K viewers), it's impressive and beats out most of GSN's lineup.