Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ratings 5/31: Steve Harvey 'Family Feud' very strong

Source: Douglas Pucci (@SonoftheBronx Twitter)

We have been provided some Family Feud ratings from Sunday, May 31st from the evening and primetime:

6:00pm: 328K
6:30pm: 397K (+17% from 6pm episode)
7:00pm: 514K (+23%)
7:30pm: 685K (+25%)
8:00pm: 766K (+11%)
8:30pm: 738K (-4%)
9:00pm: 796K (+7%)
9:30pm: 789K (-1%)
10:00pm: 622K (-21%)
10:30pm: 680K (+9%)

All Times Eastern; These are all Steve Harvey episodes; the 6-7pm episodes are from the 2010-11 season and the 7-11pm episodes are from the 2012-13 season.

In recap, these are fantastic numbers. No other show on GSN over this stretch of time can get these numbers. Not The Chase, not Skin Wars, just Steve Harvey Family Feud, particularly the newer, HD episodes (the 2012-13 episodes) which are adjusted perfectly and look great on the GSN HD channel.

Ignore the 18-49 demos too, even though they are not even provided. The 5-hour average here is 632,000 total viewers while the primetime average over three hours is 732,000 total viewers. On a typical night, the primetime average will be around 350,000 total viewers. This is the night that raises the primetime average and these ratings for the Sunday night Family Feud block, which has existed like this since September 2014, are nothing new.

The audience of Family Feud more than doubled from the 6pm episode to the 8pm episode. For those who say Family Feud is wearing thin on GSN or will soon, you're dead wrong.

A Skin Wars rerun will enter the 8pm slot on Sunday nights starting June 14th. Judging these ratings, GSN shouldn't do this (or at least give Skin Wars the 10pm or 11pm slot for exposure)


  1. Oops sorry I clicked on the wrong site. ignore this comment.

    1. Why in the hell would you type something here to let us know it's the wrong site. This is just plain stupid and you should get off the net and go back to the nursery, you ass.

  2. Maybe GSN is thinking that Harvey's Feud will continue to propel the numbers for the show that a lot of people already watch? Who knows...

    We'll see what happens when numbers for Skin Wars comes out...

    1. That is most likely what GSN is thinking: that a stronger than usual Harvey Feud block will propel Skin Wars and grab more attention to the series.

      GSN tried this before with It Takes A Church at 9pm on Sunday in March/April and Church only last two weeks (smuggled in with Harvey Feud from 6-9pm; 10-11pm). Although we never saw the ratings, it's most likely ITAC performed poorly and Harvey Feud could do better.

    2. Looking at those numbers, I think they should leave the block alone. At least put Skin Wars at 11 pm. Then again, Skin Wars could get big numbers from a 7:30 Feud lead out.

    3. As I said in the post, it would make the most sense for overall ratings for GSN to put a Sunday Skin Wars rerun, if at all, in the 10pm or 11pm ET slot on Sunday night. This would benefit the primetime average (with strong Feud numbers from 8-10/11pm) and provide an even stronger lead-in to Skin Wars than it would (and will) at 8pm.