Monday, June 8, 2015

Morning ratings for 'Match Game', 'Card Sharks' and 'Press Your Luck'

Douglas Pucci (@SonoftheBronx Twitter) has posted morning numbers for the week of June 1-5. Shows included are Match Game, Card Sharks and Press Your Luck.

Range of numbers:
8:00am Match Game: 117K (lowest); 206K (highest)
8:30am Match Game: 191K (lowest); 309K (highest)
9:00am Card Sharks: 190K (lowest); 375K (highest)
9:30am Press Your Luck: 163K (lowest); 325K (highest)

All in all, a good week of ratings. Match Game has impressive numbers for that early in the morning and a forty year old show. There was a drop off from Press Your Luck to Card Sharks; it appears Card Sharks is the highest rated classic for this week.


  1. I'd rather watch PYL (even though it's toward the end of the series run) as opposed to Eubanks Card Sharks.
    Give me Rafferty or Perry any time.

  2. I stopped watching CS after the McClusky family was on there. Talk about an early version of a crappy TLC realty show.

  3. I find the current kids week to be quite annoying.
    Kids should not be allowed on game shows at all.