Saturday, June 20, 2015

More thoughts on 'Skin Wars' and morning changes

Between Steampunk'd, Jeannie Mai, Baggage On The Road, Hellevator, Skin Wars, Idiotest, GSN possibly targeting Buzzr and morning schedule changes, the past week has been pretty crazy when it comes to GSN news.

The Skin Wars series high this past week I think surprised everybody, even GSN themselves. I have never seen a GSN show jump like Skin Wars did this past week. In fact, I initially thought the season premiere would be the highest rated episode of Skin Wars this summer and all other episodes would have averaged around 450,000 total viewers. Now the wait is: will Skin Wars rise again this week?

Most likely the next big story of this week is another hour of pre-1990's added to weekday mornings and 13-year old Whammy! too. The ruling is that people still want the much older shows in the morning. GSN tried pushing a show like Catch 21 at 10:30am and if that succeeded, maybe shows like The Pyramid, Chain Reaction or even Idiotest would have pushed into mornings.

GSN really must not have liked morning numbers for Shop Til You Drop and Catch 21. Last week (June 8-14), the primetime/total day GSN averages were 485K/349K, the highest averages in three months (since the week of March 9-15). Skin Wars sure helped but other than that, GSN just had a hot week.

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