Monday, June 15, 2015

'Man versus Fly' and 'Steampunk'd' first trailers

Although there is no video release anywhere on the internet (including GSN's website and all of social media as of this very moment), here are my briefs of the promos from Man Versus Fly and Steampunk'd, which are officially coming to the GSN airwaves sometime later this year.

The promo for Man Versus Fly started out with a boxing ring with a women (in a bikini) carrying the GSN logo. The announcer says humorously that the show is Man versus......Fly. Yes, Fly. That's the attitude of the announcer. The promo shows people from all different walks of life, including wrestler, fencer, body builder and boxer, trying to take down a fly.

The Steampunk'd promo shows artists (about eight to ten--I could not count exactly how many but probably ten) saying what they are painting and the advertisement shows metal-like type of art.

My predictions for Steampunk'd airtime and timeslot: Steampunk'd will get the Wednesday 9pm slot once Skin Wars is finished in mid-August. However, I am not sure if Steampunk'd will be ready by then. If Steampunk'd is not ready until the winter, maybe GSN will use Steampunk'd in the winter and Skin Wars in the summer for their originals' cycle.

As for Man versus Fly, maybe it will get an Idiotest lead-out, but I am really not sure.

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