Sunday, June 7, 2015

'Lie Detectors' and 'It Takes a Church' cancelled by GSN

GameShowNetworkNews is hearing word today that both Lie Detectors and It Takes a Church will not seek further production, at least not on GSN.

It Takes a Church averaged 268,000 total viewers and 58,000 18-49 viewers over the eight episode second season, which aired from March to May of this year.

Lie Detectors, probably one of Game Show Network's biggest failures yet in the twenty one year history of the network averaged 182,000 total viewers over eighteen new episodes.

On top of this, Lie Detectors and It Takes a Church have been completely removed from GSN's website. Earlier this week, Lie Detectors and It Takes a Church were both on GSN's top banner (which always features main shows like The Chase, Idiotest, Skin Wars, Family Feud, Chain Reaction, Baggage On The Road, etc.). Not only have Lie Detectors and It Takes a Church been pulled off the main banner but have also been pulled over the "shows" page altogether. Meanwhile, titles such as Shop 'Til You Drop, Blockbusters and The Pyramid appear. Also, try searching for "It Takes a Church" or "Lie Detectors" in the bar on GSN's website and you will find "Not Found" blank pages. Last, neither Natalie Grant or Rove McManus are part of the GSN family on the right hand side of the page (but McManus is still on the GSN Facebook and Twitter banners).


  1. at least lie detectors was an attempt at a game show. yea a horrible attempt but at least an attempt. unlike the ghetto church dating show and the ghetto body painting fest which features more sissies and cross dressers than drag night at the local bar.

  2. Just proves how times have changed. Back in the not so old days (like 2001) 268K or even 182K viewers would have made a show a hit on GSN. Of course, the network was only in 30 million households back then.

  3. Tyrese WhitehornJune 8, 2015 at 2:49 PM

    and i got to see who out theres thinks the peeps on the prices right are racist? did ya see today and the wheel showoff? the first testant was a black woman and the wheel it just barly gets past a 90 and she get herself a 35 total. then a brother spin it next hisself and gets hisself the same treatment almost a 95 but it clicks to 20. the last guy gets a solid 80 right in the midle of that number and drew jumps up and down and gives him a hug while he turns away from the black testants. i garanty some one is back there slow the wheel down or make it move a little more so the black folks are dissed. i think today is going to be the last time i watch this and i all ready sent them a nasty email to point this out.

    1. you obviously can't be white because no white person talks that way. so if anyone is the racist it's you. go back and riot in baltimore. and steal me a tv while you do that.

    2. Tyrese WhitehornJune 8, 2015 at 8:08 PM

      yes i am african american and work every night of the week and bring home sweet 30+k a year and don't get no welfare check. i does every thing on my own and very proud. this why it hurt me to see some one racist like drew carey and the price. i watch this show sense i was a kid and now its not so fun when they screw over people becuz of color. watch today and no way those numbers would have moved on up if a white spinner was up on there. some body had to be on the back giving it a extra nuge. u count how many black peeps are on there and then count the white. its at least 3 out of 4 white and u tell me how thats right. im not calling out all whitey just the ones who try to keep us down.

    3. "Tyrese", Drew Carey isn't the racist idiot; I'm afraid that is you. Grow up and get real. No one is keeping you people down but yourselves. The contestants selected are proportional to who is in the audience. The audience isn't 75% black, so there's not going to be a majority of black people as contestants, or even close to that. You are just unreal. I think you are a troll, because no one is as stupid as you made yourself seem through both grammar and content.

    4. Tyrese WhitehornJune 9, 2015 at 8:03 AM

      I want to clearify this. My real name is Tyrese J Whitehorn and if you want to call me names to my face i have a personal email its . i will write back and we can actually meet if you want to chance it. i am not a trole someone who cares about equality. so if that makes me stupid then i am, maybe i'm not as smart as you but i have feelings. you count people that arent white on price today and report it here. Ty

    5. Tyrese WhitehornJune 9, 2015 at 10:09 AM

      and btw who would trole this site becuz it don't have many peeps. don't troles go to popular sites. I'm out~Ty