Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 29-July 5 schedule now available

Casey Abell at GameShowFollies has posted the June 29-July 5 advanced schedule from GSN.

There are no sudden changes this week and no special marathons for Independence Day. However, there will not be a new episode of Skin Wars or Idiotest this week. On Wednesday, July 1st, there will be reruns of Skin Wars and Idiotest from 8-11pm and 12-2am.


  1. GSN jumped back to the Mark Walberg-announced era of Shop Till You Drop. I think its from 1993 as they don't mention UNiversal Studios at the top of the show as I think they did during the 1994 Lifetime episodes.

    1. At least STYD is still on the schedule. GSN could have replaced that whole block to much more modern stuff by now.

  2. People still watch that crap STYD? Wow.
    I stopped it after the episodes originally aired 4pm and then 12pm last year.