Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How GSN should end 'Lie Detectors' Detectors is no more on the GSN airwaves and most likely cancelled. 18 of 40 Lie Detectors episodes have been burned through to date with no plans of airing additional episodes in the near future.

So how should GSN burn through the remaining 22 half-hour episodes? 

Lie Detectors was tried in the 6:30pm timeslot weekdays and bombed immediately. Then, Lie Detectors was pulled from evenings after one short but painful week and moved to Wednesday nights. Though it did not bomb immediately, Lie Detectors eventually got pulled after five weeks.

Lie Detectors is best for latenights at two-a-night for eleven nights. For example, if Lie Detectors started this cycle on Monday, June 8th, it would end on June 22nd.

If GSN wanted to get the best ratings out of Lie Detectors (for whatever they can get at this point), then the 1am ET timeslot works best on weeknights after a strong Steve Harvey Family Feud lead-in (minus Wednesdays with Skin Wars and Idiotest starting next week). But what GSN will probably do is the 3am slot until new episodes burn out and then reruns thereafter until they realize that five-year old reruns of The Newlywed Game and Baggage pull better numbers...which they do.

Anyway, I'm sure the remaining episodes of Lie Detectors will get aired one way or another. GSN managed to burn Beat the Chefs off months after the fact, so maybe we will have to wait until the Fall for Lie Detectors.


  1. Put the show on Saturday and Sunday Mornings from 9am-12pm until they burned through all the episodes.

    1. Lie Detectors would help bomb the rest of the Sunday lineup. Lie Detectors would probably be put in the 3:30am slot weeknights.