Saturday, June 13, 2015

GSN's new look review
Current GSN logo
On June 3rd, Game Show Network unveiled a new logo, pictured at right, along with new and bolder advertisements for their own shows.

With this, in my opinion, Game Show Network finally looks like a cable network in the 2010's decade. GSN's old logo and layout, which had been used since 2008, should have stayed in that decade.

Now that the GSN HD channel is available on more cable providers in more households with the numbers still growing, GSN's new look has come in time, if not a little late. Also, with less older programming and more programming in high definition, the new look fits the type of modern programming.

As for the new website layout, it looks great. All the shows are up to date, unlike some problems with GSN's outdated former website (where they would say an original was still "New" although it had been not new or not even in the lineup any longer). Besides the very odd "classics" page, I see no problem with their website now.

It appears this is the look GSN will have for a while to come, considering prior formats have lasted for nearly a decade.


  1. Will you be updating the look of your site so it has more of a contemporary feel?

  2. I already have the new logo in the background. Other than that I do not see the need for changes.