Thursday, June 4, 2015

GSN v. Cablevision continues

A few weeks ago, Cablevision and GSN's battle was back in the news, which dates back to 2011. When this was in the news a few weeks ago, it was further discussed that Cablevision packaged GSN in a special, sports-based package rather than a different, more appropriate package.

What Cablevision has now said lately is that GSN's 'retiering', or "re-packaging", was not a discrimination against them as a network. Cablevision has told the FCC that their separation of GSN in a different package was "unintentional."

GSN continues to stay off the Cablevision airwaves unless the Cablevision customer orders GSN through a special package that costs extra, which is bundled in a package with various cable sports networks.


  1. Cablevision customers need Buzzr to be added to the Broadcast basic package ASAP and then this debate will end.. But for that to happen, the FOX and their related networks contract must be close to ending.

  2. I've given this a lot of thought