Friday, June 19, 2015

Did GSN brag about their June overall ratings too much in yesterday's press release?

Some think so. The reason why? To show that Buzzr, America's new classic game show network, has shown no competition on GSN.

GSN published a press release yesterday primarily focusing on a series high in total viewers for the prior night's episode of Skin Wars along with the growth of Skin Wars from last week's season premiere and also growth in desirable demos.

But some believe, particularly Casey Abell, that GSN put some extra text in yesterday's press release on how well their all around network averages have been this month, the same period of time of Buzzr's launch. That text was:

"Last night’s primetime success for GSN only adds more fuel to its fire, as the network is on-track to have its best June ever in their 20-year history.  Before adding in last night’s numbers, GSN’s 8-11pm primetime was already up 36% in W25-54, 70% in W18-49 and 28% in Total Viewers, compared to June 2014.  GSN has also had its highest month ever in Total Viewers in four of the past five months."

How GSN did self-congratulate themselves with a shot at Buzzr: Buzzr is competition and GSN wants to show that they are not hurting like some predicted. In fact, it was not 100% necessary to mention overall averages when the focus is Skin Wars. Additionally, in a press release last summer about a Skin Wars ratings high, GSN averages were not mentioned. But the only people who really predicted the demise of GSN with Buzzr coming along are hard-core, dedicated classic game show fans throughout the internet.

How GSN did not aim anything towards Buzzr: In past press releases, GSN has discussed how well their averages are doing, even if the press release is not about averages themselves. In November 2014, GSN introduced new shows in a press release but mentioned growth as well. Just this past January, GSN sent out a press release showing how their averages went up in 2014 over prior years.  In the past, GSN has bragged about their averages just like yesterday. GSN also mentions ratings growth in their 2015-16 upfronts. This is not the first time.

End product: Slightly aimed at Buzzr, somewhat of a self-congratulations, but mainly just boasting about their ratings surrounding the largest picture: their own successes of Idiotest and especially Skin Wars. Personally, I don't think anything in yesterday's (6/18) press release was a shot at Buzzr TV. If anything, it was a shot at all classic fans who despise Skin Wars and much of GSN's modern programming.

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