Tuesday, June 2, 2015

'Chain Reaction' to premiere Thursday, July 16th

GameShowNetworkNews has received several e-mails (through gameshownetworknews@gmail.com) and also a comment that The Chase will return with new episodes on Thursday, July 16th at 8pm ET. Additionally, the new version of Chain Reaction with host Mike Catherwood will premiere on July 16th following The Chase at 9pm ET. Chain Reaction will air in a double-run back to back at 9pm and 9:30pm each Thursday night going forward.

Thirteen episodes of The Chase remain for this fourth season. Forty episodes of Chain Reaction will air.

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  1. If this is confirmed, that means GSN gets a shot at that- Thurs. night new car & new movie ad money, that goes to the main networks. Excellent.