Saturday, June 6, 2015

'Skin Wars' Season 1 marathon this afternoon starting at 4pm ET has a special schedule for today (Saturday, June 6th). The first season of Skin Wars-all eight episodes will be aired starting at 4pm ET and ending at midnight.

Steve Harvey's Family Feud is running in the early afternoon until 3pm. From 3 to 4pm as lead-in to the Skin Wars marathon, Idiotest will air.

All Season 1 episodes of Skin Wars are also available on GSN's OnDemand channel. The ninth "reunion" episode is also available on the OnDemand channel but will not be shown on television today.

This Skin Wars marathon is in preparation for the Season 2 premiere of Skin Wars, which starts this Wednesday.


  1. During Harvey Feud today, I have literally seen hundreds of Skin Wars commercals today. I'm not kidding, that is what I saw. And some Idiotest promos here and there. Speaking of Idiotest, one of Wednesday's episodes features a good rivalry. Star Wars vs Star Trek. Looks like we'll find out which sci fi saga is superior.

    1. GSN is really pushing Skin Wars. We'll see on Thursday when the ratings come in if it works out for them.

      For Idiotest, looks like GSN is saving one of the best rivalry episodes as lead-in to Skin Wars with the Star Wars/Star Trek theme.

      Except GSN to be pushing Idiotest and Skin Wars a lot all weekend long. It's all they have right now.

    2. I just realized this, with Feud renewed up until 2020, Harvey Feud will be on GSN for a very, very long time. And here's another thought, with ABC bringing back Celebrity Family Feud this summer, it will be the first time in 30 years the show has ever aired on the network. A celebrity that is on there is Bill Engvall, host of the 2011 revival of Lingo. Casey Abell posted the list of celebrities that are on there on Game Show Follies. Do you think GSN will acquire the Harvey version of CFF after all the episodes air?

    3. If it is possible, Celebrity Family Feud this summer will be on GSN within the next year, I would think.

      As for Feud not going anywhere on GSN, I do not see Feud's popularity dying any time soon either. Family Feud in syndication for the May sweps was up nine-tenths of a rating point (which is huge) while Wheel, J! and Millionaire all went down several ticks.

    4. Millionaire is just lucky to come back another year.

    5. I think 1,000,000aire will tick up this year, No disrespect, but going to hip-hop mil just didn't fit. I know they went w/ Cedric and hoped lightning would strike like Harvey on Feud. He did a respectable job. This year was almost unwatchable. It's like it Kanye took over for Alex on Jeopardy. Yes, a black host could still be cool, but in the mode of Regis or Meredith. We don't need a party atmosphere when someone is concentrating trying to figure a half mil question. Crossing my fingers and hoping 2016 brings back the old show.

    6. When NBC brought back Celebrity Family Feud with AL Roker, that edition NEVER popped up on GSN.

      As for the Cedric, they should have kept him. No need for Crews.

    7. Al Roker is a turd. That edition should have never aired in the first place. Thank goodness it never came to GSN.

    8. Millionaire: Any host would have been fine, white or black, but a fun, party host was never the answer for Millionaire. Chris Harrison may be a keeper.

      Al Roker Family Feud: When that aired on NBC in 2008, Family Feud was not nearly as popular on GSN. At the time, GSN only had the Karn seasons (with Dawson/Combs in daytime but less visible) while the first two O'Hurley seasons came around later. Feud in 2008 on GSN had good numbers but nothing outstanding like what Harvey has now.

      Note, Roker's Celebrity Family Feud appeared in a recent marathon.

    9. That's what I meant, any host would be fine regardless of skin color, but they don't need to be hosting a rave every time they play. They might as well get CarrotTop if they want to go this route. I too believe the new season will breathe a little life back in this old relic. Especially if they bring back the rumored old school ladder from bottom to top and remove the random values.