Tuesday, June 16, 2015

'Baggage On The Road' offically cancelled

http://imgick.nola.com/home/nola-media/width620/img/nola_river_baton_rouge_entertainment/photo/16735196-mmmain.jpgIt took about three months, but GameShowNetworkNews is officially hearing word that Baggage spinoff Baggage On The Road is officially cancelled by Game Show Network.

This news is very long overdue after three months of no new episodes, Baggage On The Road reruns continuously getting pushed off the schedule and no news whatsoever on the status of the series (which for GSN, is a sign of cancellation).

It has been believed, but never confirmed by any GSN sources, that Baggage On The Road was only green-lit because prior GSN traveling game show The Line did not work out after one city and had four cities remaining. Baggage On The Road visited four cities in its twenty episodes and hence, the rumor.

In addition since April, Baggage On The Road nor Jerry Springer have been featured in GSN promos.

In twenty episodes, Baggage On The Road averaged 370,000 total viewers.

Baggage On The Road joins It Takes a Church and Lie Detectors as the third cancelled GSN series this year. The current active GSN series include The Chase, Idiotest, Skin Wars, Chain Reaction, Steampunk'd and Man Versus Fly.

In other GSN news, on the official GSN Facebook and Twitter banners, Jeannie Mai has been added to the banner. It was announced yesterday that Mai will host upcoming GSN series Steampunk'd. Mai joins Mike Catherwood, Ben Gleib, Rebecca Romijn, RuPaul Charles, Brooke Burns and Mark Labbett on the banner.


  1. If GSN's revival of Chain Reaction fails, which I don't think it will, they should stop doing revivals. I see Idiotest and Skin Wars are reruns on July 1st due to the upcoming Independence Day weekend. I guess since Bible Challenge and It Takes A Church did this last year. I am interested to see how last Sunday's Feud/Skin Wars block. I think the numbers will be good, but ABC did air Game 5 of the NBA Finals, so the numbers could have been affected. With Celebrity Family Feud around the corner on Sunday, do you think it will do well, Scott?

    1. I think Celebrity Family Feud will do very well. Family Feud is very popular right now, people love the format and Steve Harvey too.

      I am more concerned about Chain Reaction. I still stick to my prediction that Chain Reaction will be the first successful GSN revival in six years (since the launch of The Newlywed Game). That prediction was just solely based on the afternoon rerun numbers all these years but now I am also confident with the on air promos and Catherwood.

      I am not exactly sure why GSN is giving Skin Wars and Idiotest a hiatus July 1st. Last year with Bible and Church, at least it was the Eve of. But I have a theory GSN is trying to push this Skin Wars season as far into late summer as possible to align with Steampunk'd, which is not reafy yet for a previse launch date.

    2. Typos: ....ready yet for a precise launch date.

    3. And the fact that ABC has won the first 2 Sundays this month thanks to the NBA Finals, it should give their Sunday summer lineup some confidence.