Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Updated ratings for 5/20 'Idiotest'

Douglas Pucci tweeted today the ratings to the lead-in of last week's Idiotest, which scored 266,000 total viewers at 8pm ET (a new episode). Family Feud, at 7:30pm, received 447,000 total viewers. This means Idiotest dropped 40% from its lead-in.

In recap, it was a fairly off night for GSN. Family Feud at 7:30pm could have been stronger and has been known to average 500,000 viewers to up to 900,000 viewers in that specific timeslot. It just flat out looks like the warmer weather is negative effecting the evening/early primetime GSN shows. Idiotest had a severe drop from 7:30pm to 8pm but at least held on in the second half-hour (8:30pm) and even rose a little bit.

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  1. ...oorrrrrrr everyone is just flat out TIRED OF idiotest. Keep sinking!