Friday, May 22, 2015

Schedule for June 8-14: New 'Idiotest' is both the lead-in and lead-out for 'Skin Wars'

Casey Abell at GameShowFollies has received the June 8-14 advanced schedule from GSN. The big changes include Wednesday nights with the season premiere of Skin Wars and two hours of new episodes of Idiotest on Wednesdays. Lie Detectors is off the schedule.

June 8-14 notes:
*Match Game, Card Sharks and Press Your Luck all remain weekdays 8-10am; the daytime lineup goes untouched.
*The Chase remains in reruns (Tuesday 8pm and Friday 8pm) with Season 3 episodes (mid/late 2014).
*On Wednesday nights, Idiotest is new at 8pm, 8:30pm, 10pm and 10:30pm. Those same episodes will rerun at 11pm, 11:30pm, 1am, 1:30am. Skin Wars is new at 9pm and will rerun at 12am.
*Lie Detectors is gone from the schedule completely (replaced with Skin Wars on Wednesdays)
*Skin Wars rerun slots: late-night Wednesday 12am (replacing Family Feud); Friday 11pm (replacing Family Feud); late-night Friday 3am (replacing The Newlywed Game); late-night Saturday 1am (replacing Baggage); Sunday 1pm (replacing Karn/O'Hurley Family Feud); Sunday 8pm (replacing Family Feud).
*Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air Sundays at 2pm and 2:30pm; replacing the John O'Hurley version

In case you missed it, on the June 1-7 schedule there will be a special Family Feud and Skin Wars Season 1 marathon. Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air from 9am to 3pm, replacing Deal or No Deal, The Newlywed Game and Minute to Win It. Idiotest will air from 3-4pm. Skin Wars will air from 4pm to 12am.
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  1. "A special Family Feud...marathon." No, that's called every-single-freaking-day on GSN. If things are done on a daily basis, it's not special anymore.