Monday, May 11, 2015

Renewal odds 5/11/15: 'The Chase', 'Idiotest', 'It Takes a Church', 'Baggage On The Road', 'Lie Detectors'

The Chase 

No changes---just really curious when those new episodes are coming.

Chance of renewal: 99%


It's numbers are really solid. 406,000 total viewers and 128,000 18-49 viewers over six weeks for Idiotest new runs may not be phenomenal-but definitely above anything else GSN has in primetime, except for Family Feud. Idiotest also rose from lead-in Family Feud last Wednesday. Last, GSN has given Idiotest (reruns) another primetime slot next week: the Thursday 8pm and 11pm slots. GSN must have a lot of confidence in Idiotest, it's a rerun success and GSN wants it to stay around.

Chance of renewal: 90% (up 5% from last week)

It Takes a Church 

The numbers continue to bomb. This season, since March 26th, It Takes a Church has not received a new episode rating above or flat with that week's primetime average. This season, in seven episodes, It Takes a Church has averaged 276,000 total viewers and 63,000 18-49 viewers. The total viewer figure is very poor for primetime and considering the lead-in while the 18-49 figure is below average.

Renewal--I doubt. But after GSN renewed It Takes a Church last summer and we were all fairly surprised, you never know.

Chance of renewal: 10% (flat)

Baggage On The Road 

No changes. But I really wonder if someone at GSN wanted/wants more episodes for either Baggage On The Road or just Baggage itself due to the current state of Lie Detectors, It Takes a Church and their current development slate. Even though Baggage On The Road was inconsistent in ratings, it still did better than the complete bomb of Lie Detectors right now and massively declining It Takes a Church. I think Baggage, in some shape or form, should have gotten more episodes in 2012 and now too.

Chance of renewal: 5% (flat) 

Lie Detectors 

We'll never know for sure how Lie Detectors would have done if GSN just listened to us and aired Lie Detectors either post-Idiotest slot (Wed 9pm ET) or in the former Baggage On The Road slot (Wed 10pm ET) at premiere. The past two weeks of Lie Detectors in the Wednesday 9pm slot had series highs for the show. If Lie Detectors premiered in the first place post-Idiotest, it would have probably premiered to 400K viewers, then dropped to 300K to 350K viewers by now, but still would have had better overall  numbers and more respect due to the better numbers. Lie Detectors has done poorly post-Idiotest since people already know how bad the show is from the premiere week, and the spread of news from awful ratings can also affect people's viewing habits.

Chance of renewal: 1% (flat)


  1. Funny, I watched an episode Of Mind Of A Man when Gleib was a panelist, and who knew he would be the host of one of GSN's hottest originals right now.

  2. Lie Detectors has lost its Saturday night slots to Idiotest. I just got the new schedules for May 11-17 and May 18-24. I also got the schedule for May 25-31, but for some reason this change isn't listed on that schedule. I assume it's just a typo or I'll get a revised schedule one of these days. But you never know...

    1. I wrote my post on Idiotest new eps earlier for tonight and noticed the May 25-31 advanced schedule and since there was nothing to report there, I just put it in the Idiotest post that there were no changes.

      But I think it can be assumed that Lie Detectors is gone from Saturday nights. We have not seen the 5/9 11pm numbers but they must be awful. Lie Detectors on 5/2 has 127K and 111K if I recall correctly.