Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ratings: 'It Takes a Church'; 'Lie Detectors'; 8am 'Family Feud' and more

There are lots of GSN ratings to report....

This past Thursday, the second to last episode of It Takes a Church aired for the season (and most likely ever, looking at the numbers). At 8pm ET, the new run received 197,000 total viewers and 48,000 18-49 viewers. It Takes a Church is up 8% in total viewers and 33% in 18-49 viewers from the prior week.

Also to note, at 11pm ET, the same-night rerun of It Takes a Church performed better with 308,000 total viewers and 53,000 18-49 viewers.

The John O'Hurley version of Family Feud came and went in the 8am ET timeslot last week. Ratings were relatively poor, but not well down and below what Match Game had in the same timeslot with the lead-in of Paid Programming. Family Feud scored 116,000 total viewers on Monday, 71,000 viewers on Tuesday, 82,000 viewers on Wednesday and 83,000 viewers on Thursday.

There four episodes of John O'Hurley's Family Feud averaged 88,000 total viewers over four days. During the week of April 6-10, Match Game, in the same timeslot, averaged 176,000 total viewers over the entire week. During the week of March 30-April 3, Match Game, in the same timeslot, averaged 169,000 total viewers the entire week. Looks like it was smart for GSN to remove Family Feud at 8am very quickly.

There are some more really poor numbers related to Lie Detectors. First, during the week of April 20-24 when Lie Detectors bombed in the 6:30pm ET timeslot (and took down the Family Feud block surrounding it and even some of primetime with it), GSN averaged 400,000 total viewers in primetime and 286,000 total viewers for the entire week's schedule. The primetime figure is practically the same as other weeks but total day figure was down from the very good winter and spring GSN has had. The following week, April 27-May 2, the primetime/total day average dipped even more to 350K/270K. Overall, with the April 27-May 2 figure, Lie Detectors is not a major cause on the lower weekly average numbers.

Then, the debut of Lie Detectors episodes to post-primetime Saturday scored 127,000 total viewers and 11pm ET and 111,000 total viewers at 11:30pm ET. These are series lows for Lie Detectors. Additionally, it is presumed but not specifically known that there was a big drop from Idiotest, which served as lead-in. There is high doubt that Idiotest in the Saturday 10pm slot, with lead-in Family Feud, averages anything lower than about 300K total viewers. If Idiotest did not perform well there on a week-to-week basis, it would have been removed by now.

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