Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ratings for 'Lie Detectors' still bleak

The latest numbers for Lie Detectors have been released from Saturday 5/9 and Wednesday 5/13, thanks to Douglas Pucci (@SonoftheBronx Twitter).

Last week, Lie Detectors received 169,000 total viewers at 11pm ET and 110,000 total viewers at 11:30pm ET. Both episodes were new. The second new episode dropped 35% in total viewers from the first. The lead-in, at 10:30pm, was Idiotest, which received 245,000 total viewers. Lie Detectors dropped 31% from Idiotest.

On Wednesday night, post-Idiotest, Lie Detectors scored 118,000 total viewers and 32,000 18-49 viewers at 9pm ET. According to Douglas, this was the least watched GSN show of the day in total viewers. At 9:30pm, Lie Detectors scored 147,000 total viewers and 30,000 18-49 viewers. From half-hour to half-hour, Lie Detectors increased 20% in total viewers but decreased 6% in 18-49 viewers. Both episodes were new. Lie Detectors dropped 51% in total viewers and 50% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in Idiotest at 8:30pm.

Lie Detectors was pulled from Saturday nights earlier this week with GSN acting appropriately to the above ratings. Lie Detectors still remains in Wednesday primetime. Thus far, 15 of 40 episodes of Lie Detectors have been aired.


  1. Does the people associated with the Lie Detector get paid it they destroy the rest of the shows and write it off?

    1. Writers/directors/staff: Already paid.

      Contestants: Probably guaranteed.....if they did not get paid with all the social media nowadays we would probably hear hell about it if they didn't.