Friday, May 8, 2015

Ratings 5/6: 'Idiotest' down but still great; 'Lie Detectors' down but better than evening numbers

Sorry for the 24 hour delay on these.

From Wednesday night, Idiotest, in its sixth week of new episodes for its second season, drew 482,000 total viewers and 128,000 18-49 viewers at 8pm (first new episode). Then, Idiotest drew 478,000 total viewers and 118,000 18-49 viewers at 8:30pm (second new episode). 

Lie Detectors, in its second week of primetime new runs (but first week of back-to-back new runs on Wednesday nights) received 298,000 total viewers and 89,000 18-49 viewers at 9pm (first new episode). Then, the second new run of Lie Detectors received 227,000 total viewers and 75,000 18-49 viewers at 9:30pm.

For Idiotest, there is both great and so-so news here. The great news is Idiotest rose from lead-in Family Feud this week. At 7:30pm, Family Feud had 456,000 total viewers and 97,000 18-49 viewers. Idiotest at 8pm increased 5% in total viewers and 24% in 18-49 viewers from Family Feud. The so-so news is Idiotest fell just slightly from the first new episode to the second (1% in total viewers and 8% in 18-49). Also, in the entire Idiotest hour, Idiotest is down 8% in total viewers and 26% in 18-49 viewers from last week (4/29). Overall, the numbers for Idiotest are great.

This season thus far (six weeks/twelve episodes), Idiotest has averaged 406,000 total viewers and 128,000 18-49 viewers. Although we do not have full 18-49 viewer figures from season one, Idiotest is up 1% (basically stable) with season one's first twelve episodes (which averaged 401,000 total viewers). The entire first season of Idiotest has averaged 373,000 total viewers.

For Lie Detectors come rough news. This week's new run at 9pm is down 13% in total viewers and also down 14% in 18-49 viewers versus last week's new run. This week's Lie Detectors dropped 38% in total viewers and 25% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in Idiotest at 8:30pm. Then, the second new episode of Lie Detectors at 9:30pm dropped 24% in total viewers and 16% in 18-49 viewers from the first new episode.

Overall for Lie Detectors in this timeslot despite big drops from Idiotest, higher than most of the new episodes during the week of April 20th in the 6:30pm slot, which were: 282K, 180K, 180K, 242K, 186K.

All Times Eastern


  1. Any schedule news from BuzzrTV yet? With 3 weeks until launch you'd think it would be out there. I know some online guides go 2-4 weeks in advance, so unless it would show TBA, the daily line up should be available. Any help????

    1. I'm anxiously waiting too, but we have to be patient.

    2. I still think this show will get a third season. I actually like this show. I watched a couple of episodes on demand today. And when in the world is The Chase coming back? I think we all are getting tired of the first 7 episodes being shown over and over again.

    3. get back Sale of the Century on GSN Network M-F And all 208 Episodes will be re-uploaded on you tube or all of you get to Suffer Forever Call them Demand your game show back on the gsn network Schedule

    4. Just saw the first draft on TV Tidbits site and it looks good, except for way too many hours of paid.
      all times are eastern:
      1:00 a.m.: Paid programming
      1:30 a.m.: Paid programming
      2:00 a.m.: Paid programming
      2:30 a.m.: Paid programming
      3:00 a.m.: Paid programming
      3:30 a.m.: Paid programming
      4:00 a.m.: Paid programming
      4:30 a.m.: Paid programming
      5:00 a.m.: Paid programming
      5:30 a.m.: Paid programming
      6:00 a.m.: Paid programming
      6:30 a.m.: Paid programming
      7:00 a.m.: Paid programming
      7:30 a.m.: Paid programming
      8:00 a.m.: Beat the Clock-Wood
      8:30 a.m.: Body Language-Kennedy
      9:00 a.m.: Double Dare-Trebek
      9:30 a.m.: Sale of the Century-Perry
      10:00 a.m.: Scrabble-Woolery
      10:30 a.m.:Scattergories-Clark
      11:00 a.m.: Time Machine-Davidson
      11:30 a.m.: Trivia Trap-Eubanks
      12:00 p.m.: Press Your Luck
      12:30 p.m.: Showoffs-Van
      1:00 p.m. : Blockbusters-Cullen
      1:30 p.m.: Now You See It-Narz
      2:00 p.m.: Mindreaders-Martin
      2:30 p.m.: Match Game-Rayburn
      3:00 p.m.: Family Feud-Dawson
      3:30 p.m.: Family Feud-Combs
      4:00 p.m.: Family Feud-Karn
      4:30 p.m.: Family Feud-O'Hurley
      5:00 p.m.: Family Feud-Anderson
      5:30 p.m.: Price is Right-James/Kennedy
      6:00 p.m.: Price is Right-Barker
      7:00 p.m.: Let's Make a Deal-Hall
      7:30 p.m.: Password-Ludden
      8:00 p.m.: Password Plus-Ludden
      8:30 p.m.: To Tell the Truth-Moore
      9:00 p.m.: Tattletales-Convy
      9:30 p.m.: What's My Line-Daly
      10:00 p.m.:Price is Right-Carey
      11:00 p.m.:I've Got a Secret-Moore
      11:30 p.m.:Match Game PM-Rayburn
      12:00 a.m.:Better Sex-Anderson
      12:30 a.m.:Child's Play-Cullen

      Nothing yet for the weekend but I'm constantly hitting my refresh button.

    5. This really looks like the 1990's GSN schedule with a few more rarites and 2000's Family Feud

      Very interesting how the BuzzrTV programming day starts the same time as the GSN day.

    6. this Schedule is a made up Schedule

    7. Tammy Cox-BlockerMay 9, 2015 at 10:30 PM

      I was a little skeptical myself until I searched Fremantle and found a wikipedia site. It lists SoTC and Scrabble as titles under their ownership and/or co-ownership. This would make sense of GSN removing SoTC abruptly. I like the placements of The Price is Right eps to fill the most competitive times but 5 more Feuds every day is just too much considering all the Harvey eps floating around everywhere. That's a small complaint to an otherwise well thought out schedule, although I'd personally remove a few late night infomercials, even if it means repeating an hour or 2 from earlier in the day. With no west coast feed, the last game show will end at 10 pacific time.

    8. LOVE IT! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! Now I need to find a job for 1-9 overnights cuz im going to be watching this 16 hours. A couple shows I never seen like Mind Readers and Time Machine so June 1 will be like the 80s again when new games showed up during the network day.

    9. I am kind of skeptical as to whether or not this a real schedule. The poster provided no link to his source, and I tried Googling "TV Tidbits Buzz Schedule" and came up empty. Also interesting to note that if it is a real schedule, there are some noticeable absences like Card Sharks and Super Password. Interesting that they would leave out those relatively popular shows in favor of some real obscure oddities.

    10. I'm very skeptical, and Rahner, as the owner of this blog, I can't believe you would take this guy's word since it is coming up unfounded in all directions.

    11. Tammy Cox-BlockerMay 11, 2015 at 10:08 AM

      I'm about 60/40 on it. Who would go to all this trouble to post a fake schedule? With less than 3 weeks to launch, the schedule should be available. On the other hand, a few of the show choices are questionable, unless they are going for something like long lost classics in specific time periods. I guess we'll know soon, one way or the other.

    12. "Who would go to all this trouble to post a fake schedule?"

      Oh, you'd be surprised...

    13. the 3 game shows the best describe "Buzzr's schedule" are as followed and i quote:

      "Liar's Club"
      "Make Me Laugh"

      BTW Showoffs is (Body Language was revival of Showoffs more or less) is gone (IE Wiped by ABC)

  2. I have problems with Idiotest and Lie Detectors because both along with Skin Wars are getting on my last nerves.

    1. Lie Detectors should be gone completely by mid-summer, looking at its current ratings. Skin Wars is isolated too, plus no one is forcing you to watch these shows ;)

      Idiotest is not going anywhere. If anything, it will get more slots on the schedule soon. It's already getting added to the 8 and 11pm ET hour Thursdays starting 5/21,