Friday, May 15, 2015

GSN v. Cablevision Game Show Network versus Cablevision battle continues, even here in 2015.

In case you did not know, GSN and Cablevision have not gotten along for a long time and Cablevision pulled GSN from its basic cable lineup in 2011.

The argument within the past few weeks has been that GSN was put into a "male-oriented" cable package, which included ESPN and other sports networks. On Cablevision GSN used to be in a more "female-oriented" package, which included WE tv and Wedding Central. The two packages would cost extra in addition to the normal fee per month from Cablevision. Cablevision made this move since they had associations with WE tv and Wedding Channel but not GSN.

This is all getting investigated in front of the FCC.

The article notes that GSN's most renown current programming is Deal or No Deal, Family Feud, Idiotest, Skin Wars and Lie Detectors. Very interesting that there is no mention of The Chase (and It Takes a Church too).

So Cablevision really looks like the "bad guy" here. They really excluded GSN from the package it belonged best in. Most T.V. viewers associated with ESPN Classic and NHL Network, as offered in the newer GSN package, most likely won't want GSN.

The male-viewers would not want GSN since GSN skews female, but I'll never understand exactly why. The only female-oriented show on Game Show Network's daily schedule right now is The Newlywed Game. Other than that, what else?

At least Cablevision isn't huge like other cable providers. Cablevision does have one especially large market, and that's the New York City area. Yikes.


  1. The reason GSN is in Cablevision's SportsPak because of shows that aired such as Dodgeball and Poker. They renamed the package from SportsPak to Sports and Entertainment because MAVTV is also included in the package.
    Cablevision had a channel called Wedding Central, which has since been discontinued and WeTv (which they own) is on the "preferred" package. In fact, at some point GSN wasn't airing 24/7 on some parts of the Cablevision viewing airing. They were time sharing with public access. GSN would get a M-F stint for 11-5 and then midnight to 6am and on weekends from midnight until 9am.

    1. "The reason GSN is in Cablevision's SportsPak because of shows that aired such as Dodgeball and Poker."

      Yeah, the thing is I think GSN changed its strategy in recent years. It seems like their strategy used to be to cater more to young males, with Dodgeball and Poker and the like, and then when they realized that wouldn't work, they changed course and decided the best thing to do was appeal to the adult female demographic instead.

      Now it appears since GSN has changed their strategy way they view themselves (as a more female-oriented network rather than one that is male-oriented), they want Cablevision to do the same.