Monday, April 13, 2015

'Skin Wars' Season 2 will premiere Wednesday, June 10th

Game Show Network officially announced today via press release that the ten-episode second season of Skin Wars will premiere Wednesday, June 10th at 9pm ET. Host Rebecca Romijn and judges Craig Tracy, Robin Slonina and RuPaul Charles all return for this second season.

This season will consist of ten hour-long episodes, while the inaugural season of Skin Wars had eight episodes. The first season of Skin Wars aired in the Wednesday 9pm ET timeslot in August and September 2014. This second season will feature twelve contestants, where the first season had ten.

The first season of Skin Wars averaged 600,000 total viewers. The series premiere of Skin Wars, on August 6th, 2014, premiered to 697,000 total viewers, the highest rated premiere on GSN since American Bible Challenge in March 2013. Skin Wars also received 252,000 18-49 viewers, the highest 18-49 demo currently known for a GSN original (besides later episodes of Skin Wars).


  1. I guess this will be a Idiotest lead out.

    1. Makes sense. Idiotest attracts the 18-49's

    2. Or maybe GSN thinks Idiotest will get better numbers if it leads out to Skin Wars. I could see Skin Wars as a lead in.

    3. We don't know if Idiotest will be the lead-in, lead-out, both or neither to Skin Wars yet. My guess is that Idiotest will air at 8pm and 8:30pm back to back new episodes leading into Skin Wars. Idiotest performs moderately in total viewers but very well in the 18-49 demo, serving good to Skin Wars with the 18-49 demo numbers (though Skin Wars will most likely build on Idiotest in both 18-49 and total viewers).

      Plus last year, the lead in to Skin Wars was reruns of The Chase and Skin Wars (from prior week) in the 8pm hour. So Skin Wars had much success without a new original or Harvey Feud lead-in.

  2. parodying the simpsons parody of the wb frog in broadway tune…

    "now we're proud to present on the wb, another bad show that no one will see"…. oh i need a drink