Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Schedule change: 'The Newlywed Game' replaces 'Baggage' in late late late latenight timeslot

According to the GSN Online Schedule (and also the new May 4-10 and May 11-17 GSN advanced schedules, available at GameShowFollies), Sherri Shepherd's The Newlywed Game will replace Baggage in the 3am ET hour, effective Monday, May 4th. The Newlywed Game remains in the 1am ET hour.

Speaking of new advanced schedules, the only change visible is The Newlywed Game replacing Baggage in latenights. No other changes (and John O'Hurley's Family Feud will air weekdays at 8am ET starting May 4th).

As for Lie Detectors, this week (Wednesday 4/29 and Saturday 5/2), new runs air Wednesday 9pm (9:30pm rerun) and Saturday 11pm and 11:30pm ET. Starting Wednesday May 13th, Lie Detectors has new runs at 9pm and 9:30pm (and Saturday 11pm and 11:30pm as well). 

The May 4-10 advanced schedule is outdated. It still has Lie Detectors all weeknights at 6:30pm ET (and no way this is happening). But, The Newlywed Game change is there.


  1. Maybe Sherriwed is doing extremely good in the late night hour. Is Baggage starting to fade away?

    1. It looks that way. Plus unlike Baggage, The Newlywed Game has several slots in primetime.

    2. One of these days GSN will have about 6 shows in repetitive rotation. You'd think at least they could throw in some originals not currently on the schedule from the last 10 years. I'm getting burnt out in a hurry and find I'm watching less and less and less.

  2. O'Hurley Feud at 8am?
    Is this similar to what they did years ago by putting Karn at 8am on Fridays Only in place on Dawson. I believe that didn't last too long.