Thursday, April 2, 2015

Renewal odds 3/30/15: 'The Chase, 'Baggage On The Road', 'It Takes a Church', 'Idiotest'

The Chase

Nothing has changed here. We saw The Chase put back in the Tuesday night lineup after Monopoly Millionaires' Club was pulled while The Chase was also the lead-out to the season premiere of Idiotest (a Brooke Burns tie-in from the April Fools joke?). GSN can still depend on The Chase reruns.

Chance of renewal: 99% (flat)

Baggage On The Road 

With only six slots remaining on the schedule, four of them after midnight, Baggage On The Road is really holding on by a thread. If you want to hold hope, it has taken GSN time in the past to make a decision on renewal. Longer than network television, that is. But the bad news is, Baggage On The Road is not included in a recent GSN ad, showing off their originals. Ouch.

Chance of renewal: 35% (down 10%)

It Takes a Church

The season premiere numbers (366K total; 72K 18-49) were a little dull, especially for an episode that's usually higher rated than others. If I recall correctly, there was some stiff competition with NCAA basketball on CBS and TBS. We will have to see how the remaining episodes do, but tonight's new episode is a true test. If the 18-49 and total viewers rise (and especially 18-49 viewers rise), there's hope. If tonight's episodes perk up a little in total viewers but falls in the 18-49's (to Paleozoic demos), then the odds will fall.

Chance of renewal (for Season 3): 45% (down 15%)


I meant to get this one out days before the ratings were released for the Season 2 premiere, and they still will not be released for hours. I think Game Show Network really likes the Idiotest demos. The Season 1 18-49 demos were always solid and the total viewer numbers actually rose towards the end of Season 1 (for example, there was not a decline through the first season like It Takes a Church and The Pyramid had). With the Steve Harvey Family Feud lead-in and the same timeslot where episodes averaged 394,000 total viewers in January, Idiotest has a shot at a third season. Of course, it's really too early to say until we see last night's numbers.

Chance of renewal (for Season 3): 65%

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