Friday, April 3, 2015

Ratings: 'It Takes a Church' Week 2 (with UPDATED 'Family Feud' numbers)

Last night's second new episode of It Takes a Church for the season scored 354,000 total viewers. The total viewer figure is down 3% from last week's 366,000 total viewers, which was the season premiere.

It Takes a Church earned 97,000 18-49 viewers, up 26% from last week's 18-49 demo, which was 72K 18-49 viewers.

For the record, It Takes a Church this season, from premiere episode to the next week, had a better retention than Season 1. This season's was 97% (366K to 354K), while last season's was 92% (417K to 385K).

Update: Family Feud scored big the rest of the night: 9pm: 468K (+24% over It Takes a Church), 9:30pm: 528K (+11% from prior half-hour), 10pm: 479K (-9%), 10:30pm: 513K (+7%). The two hours of Family Feud averaged 497,000 total viewers, the entire three hours of primetime, 8-11pm ET, averaged 449,000 total viewers.

On the sidebar poll, voters, tied in two separate categories, said that the second week of It Takes a Church would fall below 366K viewers, which it did. 37% voted for that option. Another 37% also voted that It Takes a Church would hit a series low, below 294,000 total viewers.


  1. Those numbers wouldn't look as bad if we did not see the numbers for Harvey Feud.

    Off topic: Starting next week, UP is going to start showing season 3 of The American Bible Challenge on Saturday nights.

    1. Harvey Feud may score bigger than It Takes a Church, Idiotest, The Chase and other upcoming and former originals, but GSN knows they have to keep shows around and it can't just be Harvey Feud all the time.

      Plus, the numbers for It Takes a Church weren't bad at all in the first place.

    2. I know that GSN wants original programming‚ they don't want to be a place for aquisitions.

      I didn't say the numbers for It Takes a Church were bad, I said that they don't look as good as the numbers for Harvey Feud.