Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ratings 4/23: 'Family Feud', 'Lie Detectors', 'It Takes a Church'

From Thursday, April 23rd (increase/decrease from lead-in with 18-49 and total viewers)
6:00pm Family Feud: 435,000 total viewers; 100K 18-49
6:30pm Lie Detectors (new): 242,000 total viewers; 22K 18-49 (-88% in 18-49; -45% in total)
7:00pm Family Feud: 325,000 total viewers; 86K 18-49 (almost quadruple in 18-49; +26% in total)
7:30pm Family Feud: 516,000 total viewers; 147K 18-49 (+41% in 18-49; +37% in total)
8:00pm It Takes a Church (new): 207,000 total viewers; 40K 18-49 (-73% in 18-49; -60% in total)

From the prior night, Lie Detectors was up 14% in 18-49 viewers and 26% in total viewers. From the prior week, It Takes a Church was down 58% in 18-49 viewers and 41% in total viewers. This marks a series low for It Takes a Church.


Lie Detectors is still bombing, even though it went up significantly in both the 18-49 and total viewers from the prior night. Lie Detectors has been bombing out around Family Feud. On a night like this, if it weren't for Lie Detectors there, the 6pm run of Family Feud would have had 450K total viewers (because lead-outs can have an effect), the 6:30pm run of Family Feud could have had 500K total viewers, the 7pm run could have had 550K viewers and 600K+ at 7:30pm.

Can Lie Detectors really be blamed for low It Takes a Church numbers? Partially, but not completely. Lie Detectors does ruin the strong 2-hour lead-in to primetime, but It Takes a Church did drop massively from Family Feud at 7:30pm ET. Idiotest also suffered a series low this week with Lie Detectors around, but Idiotest had much less steep of a drop.

We'll see next week if Idiotest and It Takes a Church perk up with the absence of Lie Detectors. If they do, then Lie Detectors is mainly at fault.


  1. "Can Lie Detectors really be blamed for low It Takes a Church numbers?"

    How can it be? Harvey airs in between both shows and despite a 500K + lead-in from Steve, It Takes a Church still only managed to put up 207K viewers. It Takes a Church is a stinker all on its own; can't blame it's bad numbers on Lie Detectors.

    1. Lie Detectors on both Wednesday and Thursday nights contributed to low ratings for Idiotest and It Takes a Church since Lie Detectors ruined the general flow of the lead-in hours to primetime.

      For example, if GSN today had a Dancing with the Stars marathon from 3-6pm and then there was Harvey Feud from 6-8pm, DWTS (which would presumably get lower ratings than Chain Reaction, Deal or No Deal that time of day) still ruins the general flow of GSN's high numbers lately.

      We'll see next week for sure, with Harvey Feud back, if Lie Detectors was partially or fully harmful to the new primetime original's numbers.

    2. Please Scott, don't bring DWTS up again lol. I don't think we want to give GSN any ideas.

  2. Lie Detectors was to blame for It Takes a Church's series low.

    1. Source?

      (Have there been ratings anywhere from Idiotest/It Takes a Church? on 4/29 and 4/30?)