Monday, April 20, 2015

'Lie Detectors' review (NO SPOILERS) watched the premiere of Lie Detectors. The show delivered what was advertised in the promos, but what was advertised in the promos wasn't really much.

For the first twenty minutes, Lie Detectors was not a game show. It did not have contestants competing against each other, answer trivial questions or opening up suitcases for big cash amounts. It was the three "comedians" telling stories, presenting tweets and ideas, which two were false and one was true. The great part was, it wasn't obvious who was telling the truth.

Lie Detectors is filmed in front of a live studio audience and that audience is called the "Lie Detectors" since they vote on which comedian is telling the truth (3 times to find out who is the champion "Lie Detector", who goes on to win $1,000 and play for $5,000; and one last time to see if the contestant in the final round's answer agrees with the audience).

Lie Detectors has a simple, cheap format when it comes to cash, but there's only one giveaway per episode. $1,000 no matter what to the contestant who selected the most truths correct throughout the first portion of the episode (the first two-thirds of the episode) and then a total of $5,000 if the contestant can guess which comedian is telling the truth out of the three with a story about something in their life.

I would have liked Lie Detectors more if every round, a contestant got up and there was a giveaway with cash, even just $1,000 and then a $5,000 endgame. That would have been more of a game show.

People have compared Lie Detectors to Mind of a Man. Yes, I do see similarities between the two, but at least Mind of a Man rewarded money to the contestants throughout the game. In Lie Detectors, our contestant vying for the top prize is not introduced until about eighteen minutes into the show. Overall, I found Mind of a Man more watchable.

Rove was a good host, I'll admit. I don't see any complaints about him. Comedians were average and not too obnoxious....I mean, what did you expect?

Overall, 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Also noticed GSN pushed for Idiotest and Family Feud a lot during Lie Detectors, Skin Wars once (maybe twice) but nothing for It Takes a Church. Interesting.

Post your thoughts below in the comments if you watched...


  1. I didn't think it was THAT bad. Rove actually was fine as a host. This show simply seems more like a comedy than it does a game show. The comedians actually did make me laugh a little. They weren't a laugh riot, but they did have a couple of good cracks.

  2. I posted my review - sort of okay, not great, not terrible - on Game Show Follies. One quibble: the show was definitely a game throughout, with studio audience members competing to get into the five-grand bonus round. Can't agree with the comment: "For the first twenty minutes, Lie Detectors was not a game show."

    It was a nice moment at the end when they tipped their cap toward To Tell the Truth. The granddaddy of the liar game shows, and Mark Goodson's favorite format.

  3. On a completely unrelated topic - or maybe it's not so unrelated as GSN goes more and more toward originals and other recent shows - I just got the schedule for May 4-10. I can't post it right now because Acrobat's hosting service is down. But the 8:00 AM run of Match Game is getting axed in favor of O'Hurley Feud. The pre-1990 shows will be down to one-and-a-half hours on weekday mornings.

    Once Buzzr starts up, I wonder if any pre-1990 shows will be left on GSN's schedule.

  4. The May 4-10 schedule is now posted at Game Show Follies.