Thursday, April 2, 2015

'Idiotest' premiere ratings: Okay for total viewers; fantastic for 18-49

Last night's two-episode Idiotest debut drew 388,000 total viewers at 8pm ET and 360,000 total viewers at 8:30pm. Both episodes were new. The second episode fell 7% in total viewers from the first.

The better news comes in the 18-49 demos. The 8pm episode drew 148,000 18-49 viewers and the 8:30pm episode rose to 160,000 18-49 viewers. That is a 8% 18-49 demo increase from half-hour to half-hour.

The two episodes from the season one debut drew 461K and 442K total viewers last August. This season's premiere of Idiotest fell 16% and 19% in the half-hours. The season one debut also had The Chase as as lead-in, an audience that is more likely to stick around to a new GSN original than the Family Feud audience. In the 18-49 demos, the season one debut drew 143K and 157K. The season two debut was up 3% and 2% in 18-49 demos per half-hour.

In the end, the total viewers numbers are average. Do not be fooled by the high expectations of The Chase and Skin Wars. The 18-49 numbers are phenomenal and just from how the 18-49's rose from half-hour to half-hour while the total viewer numbers fell, GSN is very, very happy that the 18-49's did not just stay stable, but rose.


  1. I watched the two episodes last night, and I liked the Chase/Idiotest crossover in the second half hour. If Idiotest continues to do well in the 18-49s, it should get a third season. BTW, this is non related, but I am sick to death of the Lie Detectors commercials. They are promoting that darn thing every 5 minutes. From what I've seen, they focus more on the comics than they do the gameplay. This show I think will flop. Like Mind Of A Man, the show is heavily promoted, and the comics are probably people they picked off the streets. It seems like every time GSN goes on the comedy route, it fails miserably. Improv A Ganza and Mind Of A Man are clear examples.

    1. In the first few weeks during the first season of Idiotest when total viewer numbers were not fantastic but the 18-49's were great (and I paid more attention to the total viewer numbers), I thought Idiotest would be a one and done. Then a man named Casey Abell told me "If these 18-49's for Idiotest hold, the question isn't when Idiotest will get a second season, but how many episodes the second season will consist of?"

      Now the question, with these 18-49's, is how many episodes will the third season consist of? But I think we need at least six more weeks of ratings like these or better for GSN to act. But 148K and 160K in the 18-49 demos are probably the best numbers GSN has had in weeks (besides Family Feud).

      Thinking about it, Lie Detectors should be placed Wednesdays at 10pm and 10:30pm ET. It's more visible and would do better, guaranteed. That's the timeslot that has boosted BOTR. No original would do well at 6:30pm anymore (not as well as primetime). Not even Idiotest or Baggage.

  2. Showbuzz has much more detailed ratings for Idiotest in all sorts of demos. The show got a very respectable (for GSN) 0.14 in 25-54, which is supposedly the network's target demo. I really think the target is 30-64, but GSN doesn't want to admit they look at such an old demo.

    Anyway, the numbers are a lot more complete than Douglas Pucci's...

    1. Thanks for the link.

      But a good question is, Casey, either from Douglas or your listed source, what do you think of the Idiotest premiere numbers (and ITAC from 3/26 too)?