Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Brooke Burns pranks Ben Gleib on 'Idiotest' (From OK! Magazine)

This is great, GSN'ers.

We have yet another Idiotest/The Chase crossover, thanks to OK! Magazine. These are part of today's April Fools' Campaign. 

In the first video, the episode starts with Brooke Burns saying "I'm Brooke Burns and your first Idiot Test starts now." The puzzle then asks 'Who is the new host of Idiotest?' with pictures of active GSN hosts Steve Harvey, Brooke Burns and Jerry Springer in the foreground and Ben Gleib in the background. It is revealed that Brooke Burns is the new host of Idiotest. Gleib is saddened by this news, says he put his "heart and soul" into Idiotest "these past two years" (actually, the first episodes of Idiotest had not been taped until less than a year ago). Then, it is revealed that it is an April Fools joke.

In the second video, Brooke Burns welcomes the show back from commercial break dressed as Gleib.

Two minor changes that we can see for the second season of Idiotest: There are now two large touch screens instead of one. Looks like each team gets their own touchscreen. Same set, same lights, same sounds effects it appears. Also, it appears the contestants do not have benches any longer. In the second clip, it is visible that single challenge clips (one on one) remain.

Season 2 of Idiotest premieres tonight at 8pm ET.


  1. Does anybody think this is funny?

    1. The first clip is definitely unique, especially if you are tuning in without knowing about the situation.

  2. would have made more sense to have that black guy jump out and ask a survey about the male genitalia. i like idiot test but hate the host, the payouts and the show name.