Wednesday, April 1, 2015

'Baggage On The Road' is most likely cancelled like Baggage On The Road is no more. During quick 20-second primetime advertisements from GSN promoting all their shows, Baggage On The Road is not featured in the commercials at all. The four GSN originals featured were The Chase, Idiotest, Skin Wars and It Takes a Church. Lie Detectors was also not featured in the commercial, but promos for the upcoming Lie Detectors premiere has been non-stop.

The truth is, Baggage On The Road was not meant to be in the first place. The conclusion most likely is, Baggage On The Road was GSN covering their butts for the non-success of The Line (which edited and on television, was not that awful). The Line had four more cities with tapings already scheduled and The Line itself, according to GSN execs it appeared, was not up to par. Plus, if GSN really wanted to bring Baggage back, wouldn't it have been in one of the upfronts at some point and why did it need to be a traveling game show?

Overall, ratings weren't bad and with some poor show changes, BOTR still managed respectable numbers. Baggage On The Road averaged 370,000 total viewers over twenty episodes with a high of 524,000 viewers (and 2nd highest at 450K) and a low of 208,000 viewers (and 2nd lowest at 290K). As you can see, the highs and lows were way above the norm and most episodes of Baggage On The Road actually averaged between 290K and 450K (and right in the middle of those two numbers, coincidentally, is 370K, the season average).

On social media, Jerry Springer is still featured on the top banner with GSN hosts Ben Gleib, Brooke Burns and Mark Labbett. The Baggage On The Road Facebook and twitter pages are not completely dead yet either. The latest chance of renewal for Baggage On The Road was 45%, down 5% from the prior week due to lackluster rerun ratings.

Baggage On The Road lost some major slots on the schedule in the middle of its run. Ultimately, the show was doomed when it had to get moved after the second week of new airings. The two-hour Saturday night block was pulled in early March and replaced with Family Feud. Baggage On The Road remains in reruns Wednesday nights at 10pm and 10:30pm, 1am and 1:30am and also late night Friday nights.

Basically, Baggage On The Road is getting the Mind of a Man treatment: Remaining in reruns in its adjusted new runs slot (adjusted from its original premiere timeslot) and holds onto a few latenight reruns.

The latest numbers we have seen for Baggage On The Road were not good. Reruns averaged 270K in an hour of primetime. That is, on a network whose primetime lineup averaged 435,000 total viewers for the first quarter.

Jerry Springer was invited and appeared at the GSN upfronts, which took place March 10th. The Baggage On The Road finale aired March 11th.

Since March 11th, the Baggage On The Road finale, there has been no sign of a casting call or production of new episodes. With the latest GSN ad, mentioned at top, it can be assumed, but not official, that Baggage On The Road is no more.


  1. Baggage on The Road actually had 20 episodes for it's first season, not 40.