Thursday, April 2, 2015

2015-16 upfronts predictions

The 2015-16 GSN upfronts have come and gone. Nearly identical to last year (and 2013), here are my predictions on if each show will make it to air and if it will succeed:

Chance of seeing light of day: Positive
Confidence level: High
This should do well with the Skin Wars tie-in. It is a unique skills-based competition like Skin Wars and has that niche audience. It's really like what It Takes a Church was to American Bible Challenge, although GSN plans to air this spin-off before the better show (Skin Wars) becomes unpopular. We should be seeing this later this year.

Lie Detectors
Chance of seeing light of day: Positive
Confidence level: Very Low
We have a premiere date, so it's coming (and it's not going to get halted like MMC). Successful? I don't know. The timeslot is an issue for one. GSN has only had success there the past 3+ years now with Family Feud (in the 6-8pm windows). A double-run in primetime at one-a-week would have been suited better (like what Idiotest has now). The advertisements appear to be focusing on the comedians (who are Z-Listers) too much instead of the actual game play and money. The show has already been criticized by Buzzerblog, graphics and set-wise. I don't think this will work out and a year from now, it will be a distant memory like Mind of a Man.

The Untitled Skin Wars Spinoff
Chance of seeing light of day: Medium 
Confidence level: Medium
Steampunk'd has been ordered, as seen above, and that is already one Skin Wars spin-off. I could see Steampunk'd airing either after Skin Wars each week or after Season 2 of Skin Wars wraps up. But I feel like GSN is over-investing in Skin Wars, something that has only been proven to be successful in its first season (and its second season has not been tested yet). I feel like GSN should hold off on this. It's being piloted, but it's vague. Unlike Skin Wars, we really do not know what this is exactly about.

Chance of seeing light of day: Very High
Confidence level: Medium/High
This just may be this year's Skin Wars. There is a big name behind Hellevator, Jason Blum, and by description, it appears to be a game show of some sort. GSN has been trying to get this one to air for the past six months, and now to be piloted, I think it's a definite go-ahead to make it to air.

Chance of seeing light of day: Medium/High
Confidence level: High
This actually sounds like a really solid game play and getting the audience involved might work GSN's way. I like the basics a lot: "one person will attempt to organize seven compelling and surprising facts in numerical order, from lowest to highest." I am really not sure if this can be messed up. I'm sure there's a lot more too it than the description. This may be the most promising actual game show on GSN in a good year (since Idiotest premiered). Winsanity has good producers behind it too. Winsanity is being piloted.

Man Vs. Fly
Chance of seeing light of day: Low
Confidence level: Very low
They could put cat and mouse on and that would be similar, right? This will not work well. I doubt they are going to get many contestants to apply to this show, let alone get it to air. At least the flies would work for free.

Window Warriors
Chance of seeing light of day: Medium/High
Confidence level: Low
This series is actually in development but may still not make it to air. It has been re-titled "Window Wars," although no official confirmation from GSN themselves on that. This is yet another Skin Wars spin-off, just a little more distant than others listed above like Steampunk'd. It's about art, design and competition. There is apparently a contract to the winner of this series to design the holiday display at a major department store.

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