Wednesday, March 4, 2015

'The Chase' up 2% week-to-week

Source: Douglas Pucci

Last night's (3/3) new episode of The Chase scored 613,000 total viewers, up 2% from the prior week's 600,000 total viewers. This is the first week since February 10th that The Chase had not fallen from the prior new episode. In its six episodes (since the season premiere on January 27th), The Chase has averaged 646,000 total viewers.

On the sidebar poll, 76% of voters said The Chase would fall between a season high and low (between 598K and 749K), which it did.

According to multiple sources but nothing official from GSN themselves, The Chase will have a "finale" episode next week, March 10th. By this time, seven episodes of The Chase will have aired from the 20 episode order (for Season 4). This will be a celebrity episode featuring the cast of Scandal. It is unknown what will occupy the Tuesday 8pm slot on March 17th and 24th. New to GSN runs of Monopoly Millionaires' Club arrive Tuesday, March 31st at 8pm ET.


  1. According to multiple sources, The Chase will have a mid-season finale next Tuesday with the last remaining celebrity episode.

    Meanwhile, another source tells me GSN wants to tie in the mid-season finale event of The Chase as a promotion with their upfronts earlier in the day (on March 10th), which is GSN's largest chance at media publicity each year (and tca in the summer as well, but GSN is the only cable network that has upfronts on 3/10).

    1. You don't have any sources. It's because they're getting ready for Monopoly Millionaires Club. From the promos I've seen, the show looks like it could be very good.

    2. "It's because they're getting ready for Monopoly Millionaires Club."

      This makes no sense at all. Why would GSN put new runs of their hit on hold, when they can get more viewers in that slot in new runs for two more weeks (around 600K an episode) rather than less viewers in reruns (400K, about)?

      If they want to prep for Monopoly Millionaires Club, GSN should keep their hit going to continue to attract more viewers.

  2. "It is unknown what will occupy the Tuesday 8pm slot on March 17th and 24th."

    Yeah, there are no new PDF schedules on Casey's blog yet; they only go up to March 9-15. This must mean he hasn't received them yet because he is always very quick to post them when he gets them.

    As Casey had observed somewhere else, GSN has been kind of late in releasing the PDF schedules in the recent weeks, releasing them on the Wednesday or Thursday two weeks prior to the schedule being released. Makes me think that this is probably because they wait until ratings to come out on Tuesday/Wednesday and then make last-minute schedule tweaks accordingly.

  3. GSN has confirmed that The Chase finale will air next week.

  4. "It is unknown what will occupy the Tuesday 8pm slot on March 17th and 24th."

    I'm guessing it will either be reruns of The Chase or Game Show Moments Gone Bananas.

    Also, the finale of Baggage on the Road airs the day after the finale of The Chase. Looks like there will be no new episodes of original programming the week of March 16-22. It Takes a Church premieres the week after that.

  5. Very interesting that GSN does not keep The Chase in new runs until March 24th.

    As for the Tuesday 8pm slot for 3/17 and 3/24, who really knows? Game Show Moments Gone Bananas isa possibility but I could also see GSN trying, just for two weeks, either Idiotest reruns, Chain Reaction (Lane) reruns, Deal or No Deal or The Line.

    Harvey Feud will most likely occupy the Wednesday 10pm slot after Baggage On The Road airs its final new episodes on 3/11. Still waiting to hear if BOTR will come back for more new episodes later this year.