Tuesday, March 10, 2015

'The Chase' season finale tonight; Minor schedule change in primetime (3/10)

To get away from all the upfronts mayhem, the mid-season finale of The Chase airs tonight at 8pm ET. This is the second and last celebrity episode of this season, featuring the cast of Scandal (Joe Morton, Kate Burton, Brian Letscher). It is unknown when The Chase will resume new episodes but reruns of The Chase will remain the following Tuesday. Monopoly Millionaires' Club will occupy the Tuesday 8pm timeslot starting March 31st.

This is not the first time The Chase had a mid-season finale. This also occurred in seasons 2 and 3, while season 1 was ended short and the remaining episodes were a part of season 2.

According to the GSN Online schedule for tonight, Idiotest moved to 10pm and 10:30pm ET while Family Feud will air after The Chase at 9pm and 9:30pm ET.


  1. That Idiotest/Feud switch has been on the pdf schedules for quite a while. I guess the idea is to keep more of The Chase's audience with a stronger lead-out.

  2. By the way, with your countdown to the GSN upfront - isn't that a bit much? - Media Biz Bloggers is promising a play-by-play account...