Tuesday, March 31, 2015

'The Chase' rerun tonight

Reminder, once again Game Show Network has pulled Monopoly Millionaires' Club from the lineup. A rerun of The Chase will air at 8pm ET and the rest of the primetime lineup remains identically the same. At this moment (10:48am ET), Catch 21 is airing where Monopoly Millionaires' Club was suppose to air in the mornings.

Remember, this is not GSN's show so possibly there was some roadblock out of GSN's control as to why they cannot air this tonight. Truthfully, if it were up to GSN execs, they would want to see Monopoly Millionaires' Club air in primetime tonight. It would probably do better than the rerun of The Chase or anything else around, given the factors of a well known host, great set, the lottery factor and big money giveaways (the last million dollar game show GSN aired in primetime was 1 vs. 100 in 2013-14).


  1. Too bad, it was a good show

  2. Still puzzled and disappointing by the pulling of this. What's more puzzling is the fact that GSN seems to also have pulled all advertisements of Monopoly from airing. I'm only seeing promos for Lie Detectors, Church and it seems like Idiotest is now getting twice as much promotion to make up for the lack of Monopoly promos.

    Oh well. Another fumble by GSN. Can't wait for the next new episode to air on Sunday on the CW. Gotta give the CW credit for an interesting game show pairing. They're air two back-to-back episodes of Celebrity Name Game at 6 pm as a lead-in to Monopoly at 7. That's a nice 2-hour game show block on Sunday nights.

    1. Speaking of Celebrity Name Game, I would expect Celebrity Name Game to surface on GSN sooner or later. People have said the same about Hollywood Game Night, but that has only had two seasons with about 30 episodes thus far.

      I hope either one surfaces on GSN, but the last big year for GSN acquiring new game shows was 2012. Since then, only Let's Ask America and 12-13 episodes of Harvey Feud have been acquired. Stuff like 1 vs. 100 and some classics have been acquired and re-acquired, but nothing new and fresh.