Sunday, March 8, 2015

'The Chase' a career revival for Brooke Burns?
Brooke Burns, right, with three contestants on GSN's The Chase.
When was the last time you heard the name Brooke Burns before spring 2013? Dog Eat Dog reruns on GSN is a lame answer.

The Chase is a hit for GSN and has brought in a larger-than-norm audience week after week which has also delivered much attention to the host at the center of the show (and of course, Mark Labbett as well).

Burns is most known for Baywatch to date, from fifteen years ago. The only prior game show history Burns has, prior to The Chase, was Dog Eat Dog from 2002-03.

Brooke definitely had a dark period in her career with not much activity a few years prior to The Chase. She appeared in movies and television but nothing major after Dog Eat Dog.

The best thing that has happened to Burns, since Baywatch, has been The Chase. At first, most game show fans and critics were not confident in Burns' hosting abilities. The first season, Burns proved herself as a good speed-reader for questions in the Cash Builder Round and The Final Chase. Although she had some struggles in the first season, as future seasons of The Chase went on, Burns proved herself to be a great game show host.

Since The Chase, Burns has only appeared in Motor City Masters on TruTV, which apparently has only lasted one season.

For a little while, Brooke Burns was just like Dylan Lane. She had a game show gig at one time and then seemed to have fallen off the face of the Earth. I think GSN, and all of us, are very glad Brooke was given another chance at game show hosting with The Chase. She really needed the work anyway.


  1. I wouldn't exactly call a GSN original game show a "career revival."

  2. I have seen her on a few Lifetime movies. She is actually a good actress and I am glad she is doing well with the Chase. She seems like a really nice person.