Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring premieres you did not know, this is one of the most active eras for GSN originals. With four GSN launches in the next four weeks (2 returning series, 1 new show and 1 pick-up), it's one of the busiest periods for GSN ever.

The second season of It Takes a Church (premieres this Thursday at 8pm ET) has been highly underrated. A mellow, out-of-studio based 'program' (rather than a true 'game show') has stirred attention elsewhere besides GSN fans throughout the past year. Even enough attention to give Natalie Grant's faith-based dating show a second season. Advertisements for tomorrow's premiere have been constant. We'll see if It Takes a Church stabilizes, improves or declines in its sophomore season but for now in the game show world, no one seems to really care.

The also under-rated second season of Idiotest premieres Wednesday, April 1st at 8pm ET, the same timeslot where the last eight runs of the new season averaged a very healthy 394,000 total viewers in January. Timeslot did not matter for the first season; new runs did well on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So far, the second season of Idiotest will include minor game, cash and time limit changes. Just like The Chase, ratings were good anyway, so there's no need for sudden changes.

How GSN airs the sixty-five episodes of Idiotest will be interesting. If GSN keeps new runs consistent at two-a-week, the season won't end until November. GSN will probably break it up and the season will go through the very beginning of 2016.

This is a first. GSN picks up the syndicated Monoply Millionaires' Club (premieres Tuesday, March 31st at 8pm ET) and will air new runs just days after they aired in syndication. In fact, for many, the runs will be completely new. The set looks great, the host is an A-Lister and the money offered is solid. I wish this one the best of luck for GSN, even though it's not one their own. Hey, it is a game show at least.

This last one, the farthest away from premiere, really came out of nowhere. Lie Detectors, first announced in the upfronts, less than a week later already had a premiere date. As simple as it is, all 40 episodes were filmed before the upfronts. Lie Detectors premieres Monday, April 20th at 6:30pm ET as a daily original. There's a no-name host, Rove McManus, and many Z-List comedians who assist in the game.

Most probable for success: Monopoly Millionaires' Club

Best for 18-49's (and therefore best for GSN): Idiotest

Quiet but not out: It Takes a Church

The under dog: Lie Detectors

Most likely out of the running: Lie Detectors


  1. I think out of all these 4, Lie Detectors will not work. Because like the article mentioned, the host is an unknown here in the US, a Deray Davis if you will. The comics are probably people who think they're funny, but they are probably not. They are doing what like they did with Mind Of A Man, getting an unknown host and unknown comics. This show will end up a mess. At least when Bible Challenge was on, the host, Jeff Foxworthy, was a known person. Who knows, I'll try out the show, see how it turns out.

    I think with Idiotest, they might split this season. They might air half of the 65 episodes, and then air the remaining episodes at a later time. I really like this show. Sure the host, Ben Gleib, can be a smartass, but it is a game mixed with humor, so he plays that role pretty well. Who knows, as long as the show keeps pulling in good numbers, the show will be around for a while.

    1. They will probably split up Idiotest Season 2 just like the first season. It worked out pretty well. The first part of the season, the majority, aired at an hour a week for five months, then a month+ hiatus, then the last four weeks (originally used as a lead-in to BOTR, which did not work out, but BOTR belonged at 10pm no matter what).

      This batch of episodes I could see as lead-in to Skin Wars in the summer, go on a Fall hiatus and return in November.

  2. I'd be thrilled if they could get The Unknown Comic. I think he was the best part of the Gong Show. And it Monopoly lasts more than 6 weeks I'll drink poison. I'm that sure it will be a major failure.

  3. And yet I won't watch any of this crap. Replace Glieby with a real host and make the payouts better and I would watch idiot test

  4. If GSN could get a better host for Idiotest, the show would have a ratings spike. It's just depends who they could get.

    But I think Danica McKellar, who piloted App Wars, would be an overall improvement.

  5. Where did you take the pic for the front? That looks so peaceful!!

    1. I seriously doubt he took the picture. He "took" it from somewhere on the internet.

  6. Tonight's episode of It Takes a Church is the one that had the surprise proposal. Also, the losers no longer get a subscription to Christian Mingle, and there were no Christian Mingle commercials the entire show. Christian Mingle was not the reason the show got a second season.

    Idiotest I think will last the entire year.

    Monopoly Millionaires Club will last however long it lasts in syndication.

    Lie Detectors won't work. I wouldn't be surprised if first run episodes get moved to midnight.