Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ratings: March 16-20 morning lineup

http://s3.vidimg.popscreen.com/original/23/eGJ4N3AwMTI=_o_the-25000-pyramid---juliedanette-2-part-2.jpgDouglas Pucci has released more numbers for the morning lineup from 8am to 12pm ET for the week of March 16-20. This is a follow up to numbers he posted yesterday. Here are all the numbers, in full, below:

Averages from March 16-20 in total viewers (All Times Eastern):
8:00am Match Game: 119K
8:30am Match Game: 205K (increased 42% from lead-in)
9:00am Card Sharks: 213K (increased 4% from lead-in)
9:30am Press Your Luck: 227K (increased 7% from lead-in)
10:00am Sale of the Century: 218K (decreased 4% from lead-in)
10:30am The $25,000 Pyramid: 225K (increased 3% from lead-in)
11:00am Deal or No Deal: 134K (decreased 40% from lead-in)
11:30am Deal or No Deal: 145K (increased 8% from lead-in)

Press Your Luck was the highest rated morning show for this week while The $25,000 Pyramid was a very close second.

Overall, a good morning from 8 to 11am, all things considered. Match Game did very well, increasing from half-hour to half-hour 42% that early in the morning. From these numbers, there was no reason to axe Sale of the Century and The $25,000 Pyramid besides the leases expiring. The numbers were fine and despite a minor bump from Press Your Luck to Sale of the Century, the 9am and 10am hours were stable and received just about the same amount of viewers.

Deal or No Deal really crashed and burned. The slightly good news for Howie is that there was a rise from 11 to 11:30am. Other than that, maybe it's time for Deal or No Deal to go because that hour really lowers the daytime average. I don't know what GSN would replace Deal or No Deal with but I still think a good choice would be to move the mid-afternoon Chain Reaction hour back to 11am ET with the new version coming and place Idiotest at 3pm ET weekdays.

I also still think a good choice would be to give Let's Ask America a chance in the 10am hour, if Sale of the Century and Catch 21 fail (which they just might). I know Let's Ask America is cancelled, but it's not a horrible game show. The third season just got cheap and the new host change was not necessary.


  1. You're forgetting the 800-pound gorilla lounging on the couch. His initials are TPiR. Anything GSN runs at 11:00 AM is lucky to retain 60% of its lead-in. My guess is that, of all the shows on the current roster, only Harvey Feud could consistently hold much more of the lead-in against Drew.

    1. I still don't like this argument. I know The Price Is Right attracts a large audience but for example, I don't watch The Price Is Right. Yes, I am just one person but not everybody watches The Price Is Right. Other shows, besides Harvey Feud, could retain much more of a lead-in.

    2. Whether you like the argument or not, TPiR sops up six million game show fans every morning at 11:00 AM, which is hardly the most-watched hour of the day to begin with...


      GSN is lucky to retain much viewership at all in the hour. Given the weak lead-in of barely over 200K viewers, GSN can't expect any kind of respectable numbers against TPiR.

    3. Tammy Cox-BlockerMarch 31, 2015 at 8:20 PM

      I considered asking why LMaD didn't have the same effect, but then realized it's fed 2-3 times per day so it's not locked into one particular time slot. As far as I know TPiR plays 11/10 in 99% of the country, right?? And speaking of LMaD, since it's doing fairly well ratings wise, why haven't we seen any other daytime network games? In this day of 'must be 60 minutes or double run', I could see WoF back on network in a non rushed hour format. And on the opposite side, I'm surprised a syndie Price hasn't been tossed around. No way a 30 minute version would fly because it would be like a track meet doing 3 games and showcase, but a 60 minute nightly could draw good ratings. Thoughts????

  2. "I also still think a good choice would be to give Let's Ask America a chance in the 10am hour, if Sale of the Century and Catch 21 fail (which they just might)."

    I assume you meant Shop 'Til You Drop there......;)

    1. I did mean Shop Til You Drop. But sooner than later, I see STYD and Catch 21 falling to the numbers Deal or No Deal has been getting in the 11am hour, sooner than later.

    2. No. Let's Ask America is a lead turd. Not enough people like it.

    3. Dear GSN Network Please Cancel Card Sharks ASAP Replace It With Sale of the Century The USA Viewers Demand To Know How Crystal Miller Lost

  3. TV Newser has posted the first quarter 2015 averages for cable networks. GSN enjoyed a blowout quarter, 435K/346K/481K viewers prime time/total day/extended prime time. Yeah, the demos are older than the hills, but the network is getting terrific viewer numbers by its historical standards. This has to be one of the best quarters ever for GSN.

    1. We can thank the 6 to 9 hours of Harvey Feud each day. Steve is the true winner on the schedule, while The Chase and Idiotest proved to be solid.

      Baggage On The Road was good too but not stable.

      I know we do not see the daily ratongs anymore, but this is probably how it went:

      Winners: Harvey Feud, Newlywed Game, The Chase, Baggage, Chain Reaction, Catch 21, The Pyramid, Idiotest, Deal or No Deal

      Honorable mention: Baggage On The Road, O'Hurley Feud

      Down but not awful: Everything before 12pm weekdays

      Losers: Let's Ask America

    2. Also GSN Network Canceling Sale of the Century Was The Worst Decision You Made All of Our Sale of the Century Fans Deserve To Know How Crystal Miller Lost We As Fans Of The Show Deserve To See All 11 Episodes Of Lisa Munoz We As Fans Watched Everyday And Was Sure You Would Air Them Please GSN Network Bring It Back Cancel Card Sharks ASAP Replace It With Sale of the Century Us Viewers Demand Sale of the Century Back On GSN NETWORK I Will Not Rest Until You Bring It Back On

  4. Was the episode on the 17th of PYL the one with the $0 Winner since the other two contestants whammied out or did they occur on the 10th?
    Whenever it was, that was the last time I caught PYL on GSN. These later series episodes stink.