Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New logo surfaces on GSN's twitter page

Along with the upfronts today, a new logo surfaced on Game Show Network's official twitter page.

Here is the picture in full, at right.

The old GSN logo, meaning the current one with nine squares which has been used here in the 2010's, is still on the bottom right corner of the actual GSN television station. Who really knows what this new logo means, if it will be used on television or anywhere else. Personally, I like the current logo the best. This one.


  1. I'm sure the new logo will show up on the TV screen at some point. I see no reason why they would come up with a new logo for the network and only use it in online media.

    As far as what the logo looks like, I'm indifferent. To me the shows and programming are more important than something as trivial as a logo.

  2. Every time GSN has changed their logo, a change in programming has occurred.

    1994–1997: All classics

    1997–2004: Classics as well as original programming

    2004–2008: A lot of original programming

    2008–2015: Hardly any classics, a lot of Feud, and original programming that only makes sense half the time.

    If GSN changes their logo to this new one, a change in programming will likely occur.

    1. "2004–2008: A lot of original programming"

      Actually, while 2004 was pretty much a disaster (e.g. Kenny vs. Spenny, Vegas Weddings Unveiled, weird version of Star Search in the mornings, too many others I can't remember), the period from April 2005-2008 was a very good time for classics fans in general.

      While today's schedule certainly isn't the greatest for die-hard oldies fans, it isn't all that bad. We are seeing long-awaited new to GSN eps. of PYL from 1986, SoTC, eps. of Eubanks Card Sharks that haven't been seen since 2002, and $25,000 Pyramid as well as Match Game.

      I'd take today's classics schedule over that late-2004/early 2005 train wreck schedule any day.