Monday, March 30, 2015

'Monopoly Millionaires Club' pre-empted by GSN: Will not air tomorrow night

Huge GSN news here. The rerun of Monopoly Millionaires' Club, which aired this past weekend in syndication across many markets in America and reviewed here at GameShowNetworkNews will not air tomorrow morning or night on Game Show Network. Shop 'Til You Drop and Catch 21 (the new normal weekday schedule) will replace Monopoly Millionaires' Club in the 10am ET hour. The Chase will replace the removed primetime run at 8pm ET.

Thanks to Casey Abell for pointing out this news. The new March 30-April 5 advanced schedule is posted at GameShowFollies with no other changes besides Monopoly Millionaires' Club on Tuesday.

At the moment, there is no specific reason for this delay. The Monopoly Millionaires' Club webpage on the GSN website has had the premiere changed to "Coming Soon" and has been removed off the homepage.


  1. Hmm. Maybe they didn't like the ratings they saw for the syndicated premiere? This is quite a spur of the moment change. We'll see if it arrives next week.

  2. This makes me glad I changed my DVR at the last minute to record it Sunday nights on the CW instead of originally having it set up to record Tuesdays on GSN.

    Of the four new shows -- Church, Idiotest, Monopoly and Lie Detectors -- Monopoly has the best chance of success out of all of them, since it's brand new and hosted and produced by veterans in the game show world. Not the best way to do it, advertising it constantly as premiering on Tuesday and then pulling it at the very last second for no apparent reason.

  3. I seriously don't get why that did not just air Monopoly Millionaires' Club on GSN in the first place for new runs. I think it would be better off in GSN primetime than in syndication.

  4. I doubt it could have been ratings. I would speculate that there was some kind of last-minute disagreement on the licensing terms. But I have no real idea why GSN pulled the show so late. Haven't gotten a new schedule for next week, so we'll just have to wait and see.

    As for GSN running new eps, the state lotteries probably wanted to program the first-run shows only where the accompanying scratch-ticket game was available. This project is designed to feed the lotteries, after all. It's not really a traditional TV effort to make money on advertising.

  5. "I would speculate that there was some kind of last-minute disagreement on the licensing terms."

    Agreed. That has to be it, or something similar. Ratings probably are not out yet for the syndicated runs from 3/28 and 3/29.

  6. Very disappointed in the way GSN handled situation.

  7. Anyone noticed Todd Newton was in the segments right before commercial breaks?
    Since this is a Hasbro Production, they must have Todd Newton under contract (since FGN was a Hasbro Production).

    I'm guessing GSN had a hard time convincing Hasbro to air the show under their own terms instead of Hasbros. I'm sure Hasbro wanted GSN to promote the show by saying checking it out in your local market on weekends and visit..... for more information.
    GSN does not air promos for other competing network shows. Long long time ago they aired promos for CBS' LMaD and then stopped and haven't since.

    1. Or maybe they don't have Tod Newton under contract and he agreed to a separate deal to host this. Or maybe it had nothing to do with Hasbro wanting GSN to promote other airings, especially considering GSN hasn't done that for this show yet. All the promos were to watch on GSN. Or maybe they stopped airing promos for Let's Make a Deal because CBS stopped paying for them. You can come up with whatever ridiculous theories you want, but it helps if they have some facts behind them, and none of yours do.