Monday, March 9, 2015

March 23-29 advanced schedule released: 'It Takes a Church' has only one rerun

GSN has released the March 23-29 advanced schedule, posted by Casey Abell at GameShowFollies. Here at the changes:

*New runs of It Takes a Church air Thursdays at 8pm; replacing The Newlywed Game. Family Feud (Harvey) serves as lead-in and airs from 9pm-11pm, 12am-1am.
*Reruns of It Takes a Church will air at Thursday 11pm with no other reruns on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
*Deal or No Deal (NBC) airs Sunday at 11am; replacing The Chase.

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  1. Looks like GSN is trying to get rid of It Takes a Church just like they got rid of The American Bible Challenge last year. Don't ask me "Why would GSN want their own original to fail?" because I'll give the same answer I gave last time you asked me that.