Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 16-22 advanced schedule released

At GameShowFollies, Casey Abell has published the March 16-22 advanced schedule from GSN. Here are the notes:

There are no changes, but....
*The Chase remains on Tuesday night at 8pm, a rerun will be aired (from 1/27, the season premiere)
*Baggage On The Road remains on Wednesday night at 10pm and 10:30pm, reruns will be aired (from 1/7)

All Times Eastern


  1. Check the updated schedule for March 9-15, a change on Tuesday night that only lasts one week. Must have something to do with the upfronts.

    The next schedules will have the new episode and the reruns for It Takes a Church.

  2. There's already an updated version of the March 16-22 schedule, which I posted. To be honest, I haven't been tracking the changes much at all. They seem minor.

  3. THree episodes more of Press Your LUck are being skipped that week also.