Tuesday, March 10, 2015

GSN upfronts 2015: 'Chain Reaction' gets host; no renewals for 'The Chase' or 'Baggage On The Road' yet; 'Skin Wars' spin-off; 'Hellevator', 'Winsanity', 'Steampunk'd', 'Lie Detectors' and more

Game Show Network has officially green-lit two new series, Steampunk'd and Lie Detectors.  

Steampunk'd was originally introduced in the November 2014 development slate and is a Skin Wars spin-off. Line Detectors has been green-lit. Line Detectors is a comedy game show that will be hosted by Australian media personality and comedian Rove McManus.

McManus' most recent and well-known work in the United States has been hosting Riot on FOX in 2014.

Another "Untitled Skin Wars spinoff" is in development and green-lit for a pilot. Like Skin Wars, this will feature artists with fantastic artistic talents and will be a competition series.

Jason Blum's Hellevator has been green-lit for a pilot. Hellevator is a horror-themed game show that encourages players to undergo frightening challenges. Hellevator was originally introduced in the November 2014 development slate.

Winsanity is also green-lit for a pilot. A contestant will organize events in numerical order.

It does not appear that App Wars will make it to air, which was piloted by Danica McKellar last fall.

Two series in development are Man Vs. Fly and Window Warriors.

As for GSN's current development slate, Skin Wars, The Chase, Idiotest, It Takes a Church and Baggage On The Road were all mentioned in the upfront. Obviously, Mind of a Man and American Bible Challenge were not. There was no additional status on any of the five current GSN shows for airdates or future seasons that we don't already know (we already know It Takes a Church season 2 premieres March 26th and Idiotest premieres April 1st).


Green-lit for production and series run: Lie Detectors, Steampunk'd
Green-lit for pilot: Hellevator, Winsanity, Untitled "Skin Wars" spinoff

Acquired: Man Vs. Fly

In Development: Man Vs. Fly, Window Warriors

Current series: Baggage On The Road, Chain Reaction, It Takes a Church, Skin Wars, The Chase.

Definitely cancelled: American Bible Challenge, Mind of a Man


  1. Hellevator and Winsanity are going to pilot. They're not necessarily greenlit for production. Lots of pilots stay just that...pilots. I posted about a failed GSN pilot not long ago. Though I agree that Hellevator, at least, is likely to get to the network.

    In somewhat related news, I just posted this on my blog...

    GSN rocked for the week of March 2-8. In fact, it was the first time I can ever recall the network's prime time average climbing above a half-million. The viewer averages from TV Newser: 506K/366K/544K prime time/total day/extended prime time. GSN ranked 30th, 26th and 28th in the windows. Fantastic by GSN's historical standards.

    1. I had to re-work the post and the title but thank you for the correction.

    2. Wow, GSN's primetime rankings are getting extremely close to the total day rankings. If GSN could just revamp the somewhat tired daytime schedule and pick up some better gems for daytime (e.g. recent Wheel of Fortune), the network could flirt with Top 20 total day status.

    3. In recent recorded history, GSN has never hit the 500K mark in the primetime average. I would have remembered, that would have really stood out.

      I don't even know how the primetime average hit the 500K mark this week (and jumped from the 445K from the prior week to the 506K this week). The Chase rose on Tuesday, but barely. Maybe Harvey Feud really sparked on Sunday or elsewhere.

    4. "Wow, GSN's primetime rankings are getting extremely close to the total day rankings."

      That's not exactly unusual. A lot of networks have pretty similar rankings for prime time and total day. Fox News, which was number one in prime time for this week, was number three in total day, for instance.

  2. Tammy Cox-BlockerMarch 10, 2015 at 7:49 PM

    So the heading starts w/ 'Chain Reaction gets a host', but no where is it mentioned in the story. Is this something GSN told you in confidence and you must hold until they give you the OK?

    1. It's really a recap.



    2. Gotcha, didn't read down far enough.

  3. No pick up for the Chase. You promised! Well, 50% promised.