Monday, March 9, 2015

GSN upfronts 2015-16: What to expect (and what we already know) 2015 Game Show Network upfronts are coming this Tuesday. We don't know much about what will actually happen at the event. Best guess is, The Chase will get renewed, Baggage On The Road may get renewed while we will find out the fates of several other prior projects (App Wars, for example). If App Wars is featured in the upfronts, then it may be a "go" for this summer. If App Wars, and many other projects from the prior two upfronts are not mentioned, they are goners.

What we already know:

The prior two upfronts were failures: GSN had an official upfront last March and added additional projects to its development slate in November. Idiotest was the only success out of any shows from the upfronts last March, while out of the six in development, only one made the GSN airwaves and barely (The Line). In the November 2014 upfronts, out of the six projects labeled "in development", none have been heard from (and not even any legitimate casting calls). It could be likely that at least one of these projects will surface again in the upfronts as GSN gives more shows hope to make it to air.

Idiotest Season 2 is coming: April 1st at 8pm ET. The sixty-five episode second season will air through the Spring and Summer.

Skin Wars Season 2 is coming: Sometime this summer, but we don't know when. It could very possible a specific date will be announced at the upfronts.

It Takes a Church Season 2 is coming: March 26th at 8pm ET. Eight hour-long episodes over eight weeks.

Chain Reaction has been green-lit for forty episodes: But, we really do not know when it will arrive plus who the host is. It is very possible that the host of Chain Reaction will be announced tomorrow. In 2012, American Bible Challenge was already in development, just like Chain Reaction, and Foxworthy was announced as host at the upfronts.


  1. Here's what I expect to come out of the upfronts.

    * Host of Chain Reaction announced.
    * Premiere date of season 2 of Skin Wars.
    * The Chase renewed for season 5, possible date for return of season 4.
    * Something we have not even heard of yet will be green lit.
    * A lot of reality shows in development that will never make it to air.

    1. Wouldn't it be cool if they did an electronicated version of Bill Cullen w/ enhanched voice speech?

  2. They will also mention Monopoly Millionaires Club

  3. Is Chad Mosher appearing on an upcoming episode of The Chase?