Monday, March 9, 2015

Deeper analysis: 'Baggage On The Road' renewable? fate of Baggage On The Road is the biggest Game Show Network renewed/cancelled discussion since Lingo in 2011. Baggage On The Road started out slow and had a timeslot adjustment after a second week of poor performance. In its first two weeks in the 9pm timeslot on Wednesday, Baggage On The Road averaged 314,000 total viewers. In the 10pm Wednesday timeslot since, Baggage On The Road has averaged 391,000 total viewers.

Ratings breakdown:

In eighteen episodes (two left to air), Baggage On The Road has averaged 374,000 total viewers. Here is the week by week breakdown:

January 7th (premiere): 9pm: 348K; 9:30pm: 410K (Average: 379K)
January 14th: 9pm: 208K; 9:30pm: 290K (Average: 249K) 34% decrease from prior week
January 21st: 10pm: 396K; 10:30pm: 386K (Average: 391K) 36% increase from prior week
January 28th: 10pm: 524K; 10:30pm: 450K (Average: 487K) 20% increase from prior week
February 4th: 10pm: 312K; 10:30pm: 300K (Average: 306K) 37% decrease from prior week
February 11th: 10pm: 380K; 10:30pm: 411K (Average: 396K) 23% increase from prior week
February 18th: 10pm: 422K; 10:30pm: 392K (Average: 407K) 3% increase from prior week
February 25th: 10pm: 345K; 10:30pm: 374K (Average: 360K) 12% decrease from prior week
March 4th: 10pm: 361K; 10:30pm: 414K (Average: 388K) 7% increase from prior week

Why Baggage On The Road will get renewed:

The numbers have been stellar ever since the move from the 9pm to 10pm slot. All episodes have averaged 391K total viewers in the past seven weeks and the series has averaged 374K total viewers to date. Idiotest and It Takes a Church both got renewed with a little less than those numbers, while the lowest-rated episode of Baggage On The Road has been 300K in its current timeslot. The 18-49's have been impressive too and in its most recent week, the 18-49's grew half-hour to half-hour more than the total viewers.

Why Baggage on The Road will not get renewed:

The reason why Baggage On The Road ever made it to air in the first place was because traveling game show, The Line, was unsuccessful in Nashville, Tennessee. The Line was scheduled to film in a total of five cities but the last four, after Nashville, were scrapped. And of course, GSN would not have green-lit Baggage On The Road if the Baggage reruns weren't performing as well as they actually were.

The most impressive week of Baggage On The Road ratings were the most recent week (March 4th). As seen in the ratings above, there was an increase from the prior week, an increase from the first new run to the second, and very impressive 18-49 numbers (although still a drop from the lead-in).

If GSN does not like it when their originals drop from the lead-in, then Baggage On The Road is out. In both 18-49 and total viewers, Baggage On The Road has dropped every week from its lead-in, either Family Feud or Idiotest.

Overall, a 50/50 shot for Baggage On The Road getting renewed. If anything, it should happen tomorrow.


  1. Off topic, but the March 23-29 schedule with the debut and repeat of It Takes a Church is up at the blog.

  2. Very interesting that It Takes a Church only gets one rerun (the one three hours after the original aired episode the same night).

    Does GSN not have confidence in It Takes a Church?

    1. I don't blame them. I don't have confidence in it either, especially without Bible Challenge as a lead-in. My thoughts are that it worked last time because you had two family-friendly religious shows running back-to-back. People who watched Bible likely stayed afterwards to watch Church. Made for an interesting 2-hour Thursday night. But without Bible, I highly doubt anyone who watches Harvey Feud is going to stay around for Church. The two shows are essentially polar opposites, one very clean and serious, the other, comedic and sometimes R-rated, depending on the survey questions.