Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Will 'Baggage On The Road' climb to another high?

For two straight weeks in its new, later timeslot, Baggage On The Road has achieved viewership highs. Tonight, two new episodes air again with the Family Feud lead-in. The last four episodes of Baggage On The Road have received 396K and 386K total viewers (1/21) and 524K and 450K total viewers (1/28). Baggage On The Road is better off overall than its premiere week timeslot, which was at 9pm, and the Family Feud lead-in has helped. The sad news is for Baggage On The Road is that the past two weeks, BOTR has dropped 18% of the audience from its lead-in (from 9:30pm to 10pm).

 Will Baggage On The Road score above 524,000 total viewers tonight? It really seems to depend on how Family Feud performs as lead-in.

New episodes of Idiotest have ended, but reruns will still air at 8pm and 8:30pm ET.


  1. Off-topic but I posted the schedule for February 16-22 at Game Show Follies. I took a quick glance and didn't see any changes. GSN is producing nice numbers right now. 429K/353K/525K prime time/total day/extended weekday prime time averages for the January 25-February 1 week.

    1. Those are some fantastic numbers. The extended weekday primetime average shows not how badly Saturday and Sunday primetime perform (because they probably perform fine, see below), but how well the 7pm ET hour performs weekdays with Steve Harvey Family Feud. Every now and then, we have seen a sampling of Feud's numbers in the 7 and 7:30pm slot, which have ranged from 450K and even up to 900K+ once back in December.

      It's too bad Douglas cannot post the GSN weekly numbers any longer. I have a feeling Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday primetime dominate. Tuesday with The Chase, Thursday with two hours of uninterrupted Feud from 9-11pm (and then two more hours beyond that), and then Sunday with HD, new(er) to GSN Feud episodes from 8-11pm (with 12-13 Feud as the lead-in at 7pm). Sunday nights were always strong with 5th Grader and I would think Family Feud picks up some very high numbers sometime during the 7-11pm Sunday stretch. Saturday primetime probably does fine as well, with the Harvey Feud lead-in to BOTR and the two shows do well together on Wednesdays.

      For the schedules, someone said around here somewhere that The Newlywed Game will replace Baggage On The Road Thursdays 8-9pm ET starting tomorrow night.

    2. Yep, the Newlywed Game thing is right. I really don't check the schedules very thoroughly any more.