Friday, February 6, 2015

Why and how GSN is wasting their most valuable timeslot this week, Game Show Network announced the Season 2 debut of It Takes a Church for Thursday, March 26th.

Wait, what? What's on Thursday? No new material (GSN original) has aired on a Thursday in seven months.

Biggest question: Why is GSN wasting the lead-out of The Chase every Tuesday night with Idiotest reruns? I get the mentality for August through November last year when Idiotest was new (and The Chase was new only half the time, but still held up decently in reruns). Idiotest served as a lead-out to GSN's strong show, and over time that worked.

The season premiere of The Chase scored 749,000 total viewers and also a good 18-49 rating. The lead-out of GSN's #1 original should not be wasted. It is typical to say that Steve Harvey's Family Feud will lead-in to It Takes a Church nicely, and GSN probably wants It Takes a Church in the early "family hour."

Overall, every given week, GSN wastes the Tuesday 9pm ET slot with Idiotest reruns, where a new original (or reruns of an original with current new episodes-like BOTR) should air. The Chase produces strong numbers and has served as lead-in to Idiotest, which is one of the reasons why Idiotest numbers held up and got a second season.

I wish It Takes a Church the best of luck, but most of the reason It Takes a Church did well last time was because it was the lead-out of American Bible Challenge (which always performed better-but not much better). I do not have too much confidence ITAC will produce spectacular numbers, total or demo-wise, with just Steve Harvey Family Feud.

Season 2 of It Takes a Church premieres Thursday, March 26th at 8pm ET on Game Show Network.

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  1. Why would GSN put their new shows all in one night or attempt to? That's dumb. It's fine if they spread it out with ITAC on Thursdays.