Tuesday, February 24, 2015

'The Chase' NEW tonight; 'Baggage On The Road' NEW tomorrow night

A quick reminder of Game Show Network's schedule of new originals this coming week:

Tonight (Tuesday): The Chase at 8pm ET. Vote your ratings prediction on the sidebar.

Wednesday night: Baggage On The Road at 10pm ET with only three weeks left of new episodes.

GameShowNetworkNews' "Renewal odds" has not been posted this week and will not until Baggage On The Road ratings from 2/25 have been received. It is the best guess that Baggage On The Road did not perform adequately compared to the rest of the GSN lineup last week due to GSN pulling two hours of reruns from Saturday nights starting 2/28. Still, last Wednesday night's episodes' ratings are unknown.

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  1. Off topic: "New to GSN" episodes of $25,000 Pyramid end next week. The 1988 finale airs on Monday and then it cycles back to 1985 on Tuesday.