Thursday, February 19, 2015

'The Chase' down 3% from last week

Douglas Pucci (@SonoftheBronx) has tweeted that the latest new episode of The Chase, which aired this past Tuesday night (2/17) at 8pm ET, scored 646,000 total viewers. This is down 3% from last week's 667,000 total viewers.

The GSN primetime average within the past few weeks has been around 430,000 total viewers.  Within the past four weeks, since its season premiere, The Chase has scored ratings about 1.5 times above the typical primetime average (which is huge).

In the past four weeks, The Chase has averaged 665,000 total viewers (749K on 1/27, 598K on 2/3, 667K on 2/10 and 646K on 2/17).

On the sidebar poll, 25% of voters said The Chase this week would fall between 598K and 667K total viewers, which it did. The majority, 40% of voters, said The Chase would fall between 667K and 749K total viewers.


  1. Off-topic but Guy Fieri returns with Minute To Win It on Saturday, February 28. Just got the new schedule and posted it on Game Show Follies.

  2. On-topic Showbuzz reports that The Chase got a 0.13 18-49 rating to go along with those 646K total viewers. Not a huge 18-49 number but really good compared to GSN's usual average of around 0.07...

    1. It's impressive by GSN standards, sure. But there were a lot of cable shows that did better than 0.13 in 18-49 that night.

  3. Here are the changes starting next week.

    2:00pm: Minute to Win It (Fieri)
    3:00pm: Minute to Win It (Fieri)
    8:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
    8:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
    9:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
    9:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey)

    4:00pm: Idiotest
    4:30pm: Idiotest
    6:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
    6:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey)

    No gain or loss for Harvey Feud, just some switches. Baggage on the Road must not be doing well on Saturday nights. I wonder if Minute to Win It will eventually get more slots.

    1. Good changes but not good news for Baggage On The Road reruns. I would like to see the Ohno version of MTWI back to the schedule. I did not even know GSN still had the rights to the Fieri version (acquired July 2012).

      I always wondered why MTWI left the schedule. It's good to see it back and it should perform well, even weekend afternoons.

      It's a small possibility MTWI could make a rerun comeback like Deal or No Deal has over the past year. DOND was popular at one time (2009-11), then got boring (2012) then had a hiatus on the schedule, then came back in 2014 and has done well. MTWI was popular (2012 and early 2013), then got tired (mid-late 2013).

    2. I disagree that DOND has done that well lately. It might have for a little while, but it's recent numbers are stinking it up.

    3. That may be so, but the afternoon numbers must be doing good, since the syndie and NBC version have been in their slots for a good while now. I think they should replace syndie DOND with a hour of Super Password. Although GSN's averages have been good lately, so the schedule will probably stay as is for right now.

  4. "I disagree that DOND has done that well lately. It might have for a little while, but it's recent numbers are stinking it up. "

    You are referring to the 11am slot. Generally, Deal or No Deal is performing well in the slots it is in, or else DOND would have lost multiple slots by now.

    1. Been watching DOND on the weekend mornings since it was reintroduced.
      They had Regis on last week.