Monday, February 2, 2015

Renewal odds #5: 'Idiotest', 'Baggage On The Road', 'The Chase'


First season ends with a 464K average. Season 1 in its entirety averaged 373,000 total viewers. And most important of all, Idiotest was already renewed for a second season waaaayyy back in October.

Chance of renewal (for Season 2): 100%

Baggage On The Road

From a glance, Baggage On The Road is working wonders just from the past two weeks, especially the last. I really thought BOTR performed well, scoring two series highs until I found out that it lost, again, a fifth of its audience from the Family Feud lead-in (for the second straight week). Then, unlike its first two weeks (1/7 and 1/14), Baggage On The Road fell from new episode 1 to new episode 2. Family Feud is the real winner.

Chance of renewal (for Season 2): 15% (+5% over last week)

The Chase

In its strongest season premiere ever and an 8% total audience rise from its lead-in, The Chase should be nearly a lock for a fifth season. But, the 18-49's aren't that strong and this episode was during a time when overall viewership at GSN was at a high. Not a 100% chance for Season 5, but it's definitely looking good.

Chance of renewal (for Season 5): 95% (+10% over last week)

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